Chapter 68 – War Preparations (5)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 68 – War Preparations (5)

After a whole day, Lu Ping finally finished establishing his cave-dwelling. The sun was already setting and the sunlight sprinkled on Huang Li Island like a layer of golden silk.

Lu Ping watched the darkening sky and couldn’t wait for the night to arrive. He was looking forward to making the trip to Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair and looting the wealth within.

How many years has it been since he was this poor? He recalled a long time back when he was still in the early layers of the Blood Refining Realm.

When night finally arrived, a black-robed man was flying a small skiff above the calm sea. It wasn’t windy but the small skiff’s speed was incredibly fast. Like a flash of shadow in the dark night, it was almost impossible to notice.

In Xuan Ling Sect’s territory, the black-robed man met a team of disciples patrolling the nearby seas. Fortunately, this area was remote and considered desolate. If not for the current tense situation, the Xuan Ling Sect disciples most likely wouldn’t even patrol this area.

As they were all in the Blood Refining Realm, the black-robed man easily avoided them.

After traveling a few dozen miles into the sea territory of Xuan Ling Sect, the black-robed man suddenly stopped and hovered above the calm waters. He took out a charm glimmering with faint silver lights and appeared happy, as if his target had been found.

The black-robed man was undoubtedly Lu Ping. In his hands was the parent charm of the Parent-Child Warning Charms. During his first sojourn to the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair, he’d left a child charm outside as a location beacon.

Lu Ping cast a water-repelling spell on himself and dove straight down into the waters. This time, he was able to easily reach the seabed. Not only was the immense water pressure no longer an issue, but because of his pure water cultivation method, being surrounded by water made him feel like home.

Lu Ping felt he should have been a water fairy, that he was born to live in the water. He’d just been living on land for too long, so he needed some tim

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