Chapter 69 – War Preparations (6)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 69 – War Preparations (6)

In the lair, Lu Ping was wondering how to migrate the spirit veins to his cave-dwelling when suddenly the Parent Warning Charm vibrated, shocking him from his thoughts. Had someone discovered this lair?

He hurriedly took out the Parent Warning Charm and checked the information transmitted from the Child Warning Charm. Judging from the ripples of spiritual energy, the newcomer was a Blood Refining Realm cultivator.

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But it was strange for a Blood Refining Realm cultivator to dive so deep and reach the seabed. One must know, even Lu Ping couldn’t do this back then as a Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivator who could compete with Blood Condensation Realm cultivators.

Did this newcomer have a water element treasure that enhanced his capabilities under water?

Lu Ping’s heart was filled with excitement when he thought about the possibility. He looked around the lair one more time to make sure there was nothing much left to plunder. Then, he cast an invisibility spell on himself and moved out of the lair.

He quietly exited the lair, but to his surprise, he saw no one outside. However, there was a weird-looking big fist with a mouth filled with sharp teeth wandering near the lair’s entrance. As soon as Lu Ping left the lair, the big fish immediately felt his presence, causing it to turn and flee to the east.

It’s actually a Blood Refining Realm monster. I can’t let it escape!

Unwilling to let anyone discover the lair, Lu Ping hurriedly chased after the sea monster.

The big fish was only in the Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm, so Lu Ping naturally didn’t worry too much about it in the beginning. But soon, he realized he was wrong.

In just a few moments, the big fish had already swum more than forty yards away and left the range of Lu Ping’s divine sense. He could only track it by sight and quickly chased after its tail.

But its swimming speed was incredibly fast—being in its natural living environment, it swiftly left Lu Ping far behind. Fortunately, Lu Ping was, after all, still a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator who had also attained the art of water. He managed to follow closely behind.

In just the blink of an eye, they traveled more than a few miles out to the east. As time passed, Lu Ping grew more impatient. The sea monsters had a natural advantage in the water. If he couldn’t catch up to it soon, it would quickly escape to the sea monster race’s territory.

Suddenly, Lu Ping recalled a water-manipulation art among the [Wave Listening Eight Ultimates]. With a flash of joy, he quickly cast it.

Lu Ping controlled the waters around him and formed an undercurrent in the sea, pushing himself towards the big fish, while controlling the waters ahead.

Although he couldn’t manipulate the sea surrounding the big fish, the tumultuous waves soon affected the waters forty yards ahead.

The big fish was swimming rapidly, just a few miles away from the monster’s territory. Once it crossed the border, it could then report its findings to its master.


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