Chapter 58 – Blood Condensation
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 58 – Blood Condensation

The [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture] was the basic cultivation method for Zhen Ling Sect Blood Refining Realm disciples. It was the culmination of dozens of generations of Zhen Ling Sect’s predecessors. Suitable for all manner of cultivators with different foundations, talent, and cultivation speeds, most Zhen Ling Sect disciples would choose it as their cultivation method.

Lu Ping circulated the [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture] in his body thirty-six times and finally brought himself to the peak of Blood Refining Realm in all aspects. Then, he swallowed a Blood Condensation Pellet.

The pellet melted on his tongue in an instant. A clear and cool sensation filled with endless arcane energy traveled down his throat and into his dantian. Immediately, a stream of arcane energy with endless temptation spread to all parts of his body, which was then absorbed by his blood and transformed into Lu Ping's own arcane energy.

Unlike the usual arcane energy, this arcane energy contained a special kind of aura, one that stimulated the seven bloodlines in his body into agitation. The seven bloodlines that coexisted peacefully before this suddenly turned on each other.

Lu Ping felt like his blood was boiling inside of him, and everything was going out of control.

In one moment, he felt like a stream of magma was raging through his veins, but in the next moment, the magma could turn into a stream of ice-cold spring water.

At some point he felt extremely light, as if he was about to float in the air, but in the next, he would feel like he was being crushed and pushed to the ground.

But these were not the worst of it. The worst was his heart. It beat chaotically like it was drunk. There was no rhythm and no pattern in his heartbeat. It could beat incredibly fast and rapidly, or extremely slow; it could go from beating forcefully to stopping suddenly.

If this were to happen to an ordinary man, he would long be dead already.

But Lu Ping knew this was only the beginning, the first step of his transcendence. If he could get past it, he would enter a new stage of his life.

Get past it, and he would extend his life for another hundred years.

Get past it, and he would become a true cultivator, one that the cultivation world would officially recognize.

Hence, he couldn’t and wouldn’t give up. He would hold his ground until the end.

Legends say that this world was created by seven great beings known as the Heaven Cleaving Seven Primes. They were the ancestors of all life and the origins of all cultivators in this world. Hence, every living being in this world was born with the seven bloodlines.

These seven bloodlines were: Peng, Jiao, Luan, Turtle, Ape, Tiger, and Cicada.

The key for mortals to enter the Blood Refining Realm and become cultivators was if they could successfully stimulate the spirit bloodlines in their body, only then could the cultivators’ talents be determined.

The intensity of the spiritual blood in a cultivator’s body signified the purity of their bloodlines. The purity was classified into five levels, which was used as an indicator to measure one’s talent. Lu Ping’s purity was only at Level 3, which meant that he was a cultivator of ordinary talent.

In the Blood Refining Realm, the disciple would choose a cultivation method. The cultivation of a Blood Refining Realm disciple stimulated and awakened the spiritual energy in their bloodlines, strengthening them with spiritual energy.

When the bloodlines were cultivated to a level where the cultivator couldn’t bear it anymore, that would be the Peak Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm. After that, the next stage was the Blood Condensation Realm.

As its name suggests, the Blood Condensation Realm was a process that condensed one’s bloodlines. To break through to the Blood Condensation Realm, the disciple has to stimulate the bloodlines and make them clash. Then, the strongest among the seven bloodlines would be chosen as the cultivator’s foundation bloodline. With that, the disciple would have successfully entered the Blood Condensation Realm.

After that, the foundation bloodline would absorb the spiritual energy from the remaining bloodlines and eradicate them from the cultivator’s body. At the same time, for every eradication of two bloodlines, the cultivator must absorb a bloodline of the same type as his foundation bloodline into his body. This would compensate for the loss of bloodlines in the cultivator’s body.

Hence, the Blood Condensation Realm was classified into three stages, nine layers. Each cultivation layer would have to eradicate one wasted bloodline, and each cultivation stage had to absorb new bloodlines into the body.

This summed up the entire cultivation process in the Blood Condensation Realm.

This explained Qiao Xipeng's determination to get his hands on the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s Condensed Blood Beads. The beads were condensed from the cultivator’s spiritual blood essence and spiritual energy. Qiao Xipeng could use them to supplement the lack of bloodlines in his body and easily break through to the Mid Blood Condensation Realm.

Presently, the war between the seven bloodlines in Lu Ping’s body became fiercer and more intense. But Lu Ping could tell he was still far from reaching the limit because of his consolidated foundation.

Hence, Lu Ping swallowed the second Blood Condensation Pellet. Then, a few days later, he swallowed the third Blood Condensation Pellet.

A month had passed since he started the breakthrough. Over the past month, the bloodlines within him never stopped fighting. This really made Lu Ping suffer a lot.

Lu Ping had already prepared himself after going through Qiao Xipeng’s cultivation experience in the jade scrolls, Master Immortal Liu’s explanation, as well as Yao Yong’s and Du Feng’s breakthrough experience. Even so, a consolidated foundation like his would only provide a more durable battlefield for the bloodlines to war against each other.

Especially after he consumed three Blood Condensation Pellets, which stimulated the bloodlines even more. This prolonged the bloodline fight much longer than for other ordinary cultivators.

One must say, the pain and suffering Lu Ping experienced in his breakthrough would be simply unbearable for ordinary cultivators.

But without pain, there wouldn’t be any gains. The more painful it got, the bigger the gain!

At this time, the war between Lu Ping’s bloodlines had entered its fiercest stage. The victor that would become the foundation bloodline was about to be revealed.

Lu Ping’s mind had tumbled into chaos. Pieces of his past memories flashed through his mind like a movie. Things that he had already forgotten became clear again, and his life was replayed from the beginning to the end.

Lu Ping knew this was the prelude to his breakthrough, the birth of his divine sense.

Then, Lu Ping saw his memories of the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake battling Qiao Xipeng. He saw the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s mastery over water spells that coincided with the power of the sea waves. And suddenly, he was enlightened. The enlightenment enabled him to reach the state of Technique for the water spells.

While Lu Ping had yet to come back to his senses from his enlightenment, the bloodlines in his body seemed to be affected by the occurrence.

During this enlightenment, one of the bloodlines suddenly echoed and resonated with the attained state of Technique. A domineering aura pulsated from within that bloodline and condensed the other six bloodlines, defeating them to secure its place as the foundation bloodline.

The battle now over, the other six bloodlines clustered themselves around the foundation bloodline in his veins. They rippled with energy while resonating with each beat of his heart.

The arcane energy in his foundation bloodline began to transcend and a large amount of spiritual energy was absorbed by the foundation bloodline. Even though the three Blood Condensation Pellets provided Lu Ping with a huge amount of spiritual energy, it was still not enough.

The level of spiritual energy in the cultivation room was depleting quickly as it was all absorbed by Lu Ping. The spirit-gathering formation and spirit-gathering putuan were continuously gathering spiritual energy from the spirit vein and supplying it into his body.

The current Lu Ping was similar to a sponge with infinite volume, greedily absorbing every bit of spiritual energy he could obtain. It reached a point where a whirling cycle of spiritual energy was formed outside of the cultivation room.

Every Blood Condensation Realm cultivator with a divine sense quickly noticed the changes in Zhen Ling Sect and they were all amazed.

“Another disciple entered the Blood Condensation Realm.”

“Not bad, not bad. There’ve been a few successful advancements lately.”

“Which group is this disciple from? Their cultivation foundation is pretty solid.”

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“Pretty solid? A whirl of spiritual energy this big, their foundation is more than incredible!”

But Lu Ping was unaware of the Blood Condensation Realm cultivators who were amazed by his breakthrough. If they knew he had consumed three Blood Condensation Pellets and could still cause a whirl of spiritual energy, there’s no telling how huge the commotion that would occur in the side hall.

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