Chapter 59 – Sudden Change
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 59 – Sudden Change

After awakening from his enlightenment, Lu Ping discovered that the war between the seven bloodlines had ended. The foundation bloodline had taken control over his blood flow.

As the blood circulated in his body, spiritual energy was absorbed from the surroundings and compressed into arcane energy. A stream of arcane energy would flow into his heart with each circulation. An inner space had formed within his heart. The arcane energy would flow into the inner space and gradually condense into a bead—the Condensed Blood Bead.

However, the Condensed Blood Bead was only the size of a soybean now. It would grow larger with his cultivation progress.

Lu Ping came back to his senses. Right now, he could clearly “see” inside his body, and inspect every strand of his nerves and muscles. This meant that Lu Ping now had the divine sense!

He couldn’t wait to extend his divine sense to view his surroundings. All of a sudden, the cultivation room appeared in Lu Ping’s mind, all while his eyes were closed.

Feeling jubilant, he decided to extend his divine sense further away from the cultivation room, allowing him to clearly see everything within a radius of 20 yards.

Lu Ping was surprised by this discovery. As far as he knew, the divine sense of an ordinary cultivator who had just advanced into the Blood Condensation Realm only had a range of 10 yards.

Even those talented ones with an innately strong divine sense could increase their range by another yard or two—he’d never heard of anyone that could double their range.

While he was overjoyed in his heart, he cautioned himself to conceal his innately strong divine sense from others. He would treat it as a hidden trump card.

In fact, Lu Ping had his own theory concerning his innate command of the divine sense. He was originally not from this world. As someone who had transmigrated, his soul was a fusion of two people. It stood to reason that his divine sense was twice as powerful as ordinary cultivators. Perhaps, this was a form of compensation from the transmigration.

However, in order to explain away this abnormality, he needed to find a cultivation method, one that would further strengthen his incredibly strong divine sense.

Now that he’d entered the Blood Condensation Realm, Lu Ping poured all his efforts into consolidating his cultivation. For that reason, Lu Ping rented a cultivation room for the longest period possible.

Lu Ping used his divine sense to learn that his foundation bloodline was the Water Jiao Bloodline. Perhaps it was his enlightenment in the water spells that caused his Water Jiao Bloodline to suddenly rise, defeating the other six bloodlines to become the foundation bloodline.

Through his divine sense, Lu Ping learned that his other six bloodlines were: Wind Peng, Wood Luan, Water Turtle, Earth Ape, Ice Tiger, and Fire Cicada.

Lu Ping couldn’t help but smile bitterly. His luck sure wasn’t good. Other than the Water Turtle Bloodline and Ice Tiger Bloodline, the rest weren’t compatible with his Water Jiao Bloo

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