Chapter 57 – Prepare
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 57 – Prepare

Lu Ping already had two Blood Condensation Pellets, and he still planned to get one more. Sadly, his plan of getting a third one from the auction failed after he’d inadvertently attracted too much attention.

But who knew he would find his third Blood Condensation Pellet inside Qiao Xipeng’s interspatial pouch? With three Blood Condensation Pellets in hand, Lu Ping was even more confident in advancing to the next realm.

Of course, amongst all the treasures he looted, there was still something more valuable than the Blood Condensation Pellet—Qiao Xipeng’s talisman treasure.

The talisman treasure was in the form of a jade stamp seal. Crafted by a Third Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master, it had three silver halos within its body. The body emitted a gentle and warm aura while the silver halos flowed inside like three little naughty fishes.

Since Qiao Xipeng had used the talisman treasure once before, it could only be used two more times. The First Layer Core Forging Realm talisman treasure Lu Ping looted from Qiao Xipeng’s brother, Qiao Xiying, could only be used one more time. However, it was all worth it for the silver talisman treasure.

The exuberant Lu Ping stuffed Qiao Xipeng’s remaining junk into his own interspatial pouch. 

Afterwards, Lu Ping plunged into cultivation for the next few months, making incredible progress with his now sufficient supply of medicinal pellets.

At last, Lu Ping reached the peak of Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm at the age of 18. He took another three months to consolidate his foundation before deciding to advance.

That day, Lu Ping traveled to Xuan Qi Island and paid Master Immortal Liu a visit.

Master Immortal Liu was happy to see Lu Ping, his eyes brightening up as he praised, “Good, good! Peak of Ninth Layer and a solid foundation. You can now try to advance to the next realm.”

Lu Ping replied respectfully, “That is why I’m here. I have come to ask Master Immortal Liu to approve my leave from duty. I intend to return to Zhen Ling Island for closed-door cultivation to break through to the next realm. I hope I have your permission.”

Master Immortal Liu smiled. “Haha, this is indeed a major event. The Blood Refining Realm is nothing more than the preparation stage. Only when reaching the Blood Condensation Realm can one be considered a true cultivator and an official disciple of Zhen Ling Sect.”

Master Immortal Liu paused briefly before continuing, “The preparations for your breakthrough, have you made any arrangements? What about Blood Condensation Pellets? Although it is true that some talents don’t need them, Blood Condensation Pellets can help stimulate your success rate, as well as consolidate your foundation. All in all, they are incredibly beneficial.”

“I have collected eight 500-year spirit herbs and exchanged one Blood Condensation Pellet from the sect.”

Naturally, Lu Ping wouldn’t expose his entire wealth to anyone.

Master Immortal Liu casually waved his sleeve and four wooden boxes appeared in front of them. “You have worked h

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