Chapter 51 - Patrolling the Sea
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 51 - Patrolling the Sea

“Manager Pang, from what this junior knows, Enlightened Master Xi Xuanmu is a true disciple of our sect. His prowess should be in the Fourth Core Forging Realm and above. Although this talisman treasure is surrounded with golden lights, I can only see three spiritual halos in it. This is clearly the work of a Third Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master. I am puzzled by my findings; can the senior answer my doubts?” It was Shi Lingling from Room 10.

Lu Ping quickly looked at the talisman treasure and only saw the golden lights glimmering on the surface of the talisman treasure. He couldn’t see what was inside of it. He immediately knew that Shi Lingling must have cultivated an eye-related secret technique. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for her, a Blood Refining Realm disciple, to gain more insight without the divine sense belonging to Blood Condensation Realm cultivators.

On the stage, Manager Pang gave an awkward smile. “So it’s the young lady from the Shi Clan. No wonder you can see through this talisman treasure.”

“Truthfully, this talisman treasure was forged by Enlightened Master Xi during his days in the Third Layer Core Forging Realm. Right now, Enlightened Master Xi has long advanced into the Fourth Layer Core Forging Realm and has become a Zhen Ling Sect true disciple.”

This was all new information for Lu Ping. He had yet to learn of the many discipline classifications within the Zhen Ling Sect. Before this, he only learned that Master Immortal Liu, who had broken through to the Late Blood Condensation Realm, was already a core disciple. It seemed that aside from core disciples, there were also true disciples. Furthermore, the conversation between Manager Pang and Shi Lingling suggested that being in the Fourth Layer Core Forging Realm was a requirement to be a true disciple.

After gaining this new piece of knowledge, Lu Ping was now curious about Shi Lingling’s identity. Meanwhile, Manager Pang was announcing the start of the bidding.

Bidding for the talisman treasure would start at 2,000 spirit stones. Due to the high opening price, the main bidders were young masters and wealthy individuals like Lu Ping. Ordinary Blood Refining Realm cultivators wouldn’t have the funds to participate. Hence, the bidding price didn’t rise too quickly.

Lu Ping already had a talisman treasure, so he wasn’t very interested. Besides, he had already caused public outrage before this, so bidding for this talisman treasure would most likely bring a new wave of trouble.

Suddenly, Lu Ping was struck with an idea and he took out his talisman treasure. Because it was already used once, the talisman treasure’s golden lights were somewhat dimmer.

Lu Ping focused his senses on the inside of the talisman treasure and sure enough, he saw a faint spiritual halo inside of it.

He felt slightly shocked at seeing this. This talisman treasure only had one spiritual halo, meaning it was forged by a First Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master. Even so, the power of the golden spear released f

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