Chapter 52 - Ambush
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Lu Ping’s peaceful days of cultivation were soon shattered.

A month later, a fisherman reported to Lu Ping the appearance of a sea beast 50 miles south of Huang Li Island. The sea beast was huge, a few dozen yards long, and had been wandering in that area for some time already. Because of that, none of the fishermen dared to fish there anymore.

Fifty miles south of Huang Li Island… isn’t that the nameless island with Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling?

Lu Ping’s heart skipped a beat. It appeared that the monster had discovered something already.

Back when Master Immortal Liu briefed him about the incident, Lu Ping already suspected that this new sea snake monster might be the partner or companion to the one he killed.

The fisherman’s report only confirmed his guess. This sea snake monster must possess a secret technique that allows it to track its companion, leading it to roam the seas around the nameless island.

Lu Ping carefully recalled the incident to make sure that he hadn’t left any traces behind.

Fortunately, the recent encounter with Qiao Xipeng had inadvertently confirmed the claim that Xuan Ling Sect’s disciples had been killed by the sea snake monster.

The Qiao Clan disciples stopped investigating Young Master Qiao Xixian’s death and instead focused on exterminating the sea snake. As a result, the monster had unintentionally helped Lu Ping escape Qiao Clan’s suspicions.

On the second day, Lu Ping reached the nameless island. He placed two sets of warning charms so he could monitor the areas nearby for the sea snake monster.

Lu Ping had a wild wish in his mind.

He hoped that he could also kill this sea snake monster here!

This wasn’t impossible. He learned from Master Immortal Liu that the sea snake monster was severely wounded by the Qiao Clan, at the cost of one casualty and one heavily wounded disciple.

At most, this sea snake monster was equivalent in strength to the previous one. So, if he could kill the first one unprepared, it surely wasn’t a problem to kill this one after making full arrangements.

Furthermore, he wasn’t the same Lu Ping all those months ago. Whether it was his cultivation base or mystic instruments, they had all improved greatly. Not to mention, he now had that talisman treasure as a hidden trump card.

After killing the Blood Condensation Realm sea snake monster, he gained a lot out of its body and wealth. Lu Ping subconsciously didn’t want to involve the master immortals because it meant sharing the spoils.

After planting a few dozen landmine charms in the surrounding areas, Lu Ping waited patiently on the island.

Half a day later—while Lu Ping’s attention was hundreds of yards away—a lengthy, sad, and angry hiss suddenly came from the seas a few miles from the island.

Immediately, Lu Ping’s muscles tensed up and a cold chill traveled down his spine. Without warning, the [Spirit Concealing Charm] and [Invisibility Charm] stopped working.

The sea snake monster had arrived!

Lu Ping was shocked into anger. The sea snake monster rushed straight towards hi

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