Chapter 52 - Ambush
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Lu Ping’s peaceful days of cultivation were soon shattered.

A month later, a fisherman reported to Lu Ping the appearance of a sea beast 50 miles south of Huang Li Island. The sea beast was huge, a few dozen yards long, and had been wandering in that area for some time already. Because of that, none of the fishermen dared to fish there anymore.

Fifty miles south of Huang Li Island… isn’t that the nameless island with Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling?

Lu Ping’s heart skipped a beat. It appeared that the monster had discovered something already.

Back when Master Immortal Liu briefed him about the incident, Lu Ping already suspected that this new sea snake monster might be the partner or companion to the one he killed.

The fisherman’s report only confirmed his guess. This sea snake monster must possess a secret technique that allows it to track its companion, leading it to roam the seas around the nameless island.

Lu Ping carefully recalled the incident to make sure that he hadn’t left any traces behind.

Fortunately, the recent encounter with Qiao Xipeng had inadvertently confirmed the claim that Xuan Ling Sect’s disciples had been killed by the sea snake monster.

The Qiao Clan disciples stopped investigating Young Master Qiao Xixian’s death and instead focused on exterminating the sea snake. As a result, the monster had unintentionally helped Lu Ping escape Qiao Clan’s suspicions.

On the second day, Lu Ping reached the nameless island. He placed two sets of warning charms so he could monitor the areas nearby for the sea snake monster.

Lu Ping had a wild wish in his mind.

He hoped that he could also kill this sea snake monster here!

This wasn’t impossible. He learned from Master Immortal Liu that the sea snake monster was severely wounded by the Qiao Clan, at the cost of one casualty and one heavily wounded disciple.

At most, this sea snake monster was equivalent in strength to the previous one. So, if he could kill the first one unprepared, it surely wasn’t a problem to kill this one after making full arrangements.

Furthermore, he wasn’t the same Lu Ping all those months ago. Whether it was his cultivation base or mystic instruments, they had all improved greatly. Not to mention, he now had that talisman treasure as a hidden trump card.

After killing the Blood Condensation Realm sea snake monster, he gained a lot out of its body and wealth. Lu Ping subconsciously didn’t want to involve the master immortals because it meant sharing the spoils.

After planting a few dozen landmine charms in the surrounding areas, Lu Ping waited patiently on the island.

Half a day later—while Lu Ping’s attention was hundreds of yards away—a lengthy, sad, and angry hiss suddenly came from the seas a few miles from the island.

Immediately, Lu Ping’s muscles tensed up and a cold chill traveled down his spine. Without warning, the [Spirit Concealing Charm] and [Invisibility Charm] stopped working.

The sea snake monster had arrived!

Lu Ping was shocked into anger. The sea snake monster rushed straight towards him as if it long knew his exact location, splitting the water surface and leaving a trail of white waves behind. The warning charms he placed beforehand were rendered useless.

It was then Lu Ping realized—if this sea snake monster could track its companion to this place, obviously it could also recognize him as the culprit who killed its partner.

Lu Ping didn’t have the time to regret his decision anymore. Right now, the sea snake monster was raising its head high up, its cold eyes fixated on Lu Ping’s face.

Although Lu Ping had a few different methods he could use to escape, there was no reason for him to flee. After all, he was here for the sea snake monster and now that matters had reached this point, it was only natural to test its prowess.

Anyway, he didn’t lack experience in battling Blood Condensation Realm experts.

Most importantly, Lu Ping noticed that this severely wounded sea snake wasn’t as strong as the first one—it was just at the Third Layer Blood Condensation Realm. Even though it broke through his charms, Lu Ping still had a chance to win the battle.

A black pagoda hovered above Lu Ping’s head with a yellowish light barrier. As long as he wished it, Lu Ping could extend the light barrier down from above and protect himself at any time.

Holding aloft a flying sword, he faced the approaching sea snake monster.

The sea snake hissed in anger, but it wasn’t in a hurry to attack; its cool-headedness shocked Lu Ping and a trace of fear flashed through him.

An oppressive wave of aura slammed over Lu Ping. The monster’s divine sense scrutinized him from tip to toe as if to unravel his secrets.

The sea snake abruptly released a surge of arcane energy. Waves of water gushed upwards and formed a thick and translucent wall. The sea snake’s silhouette could be vaguely seen slithering within the water wall.

Lu Ping’s expression finally changed, and he leapt backward without hesitation.

But it was already too late. The water wall crashed down with immense force onto Lu Ping.

Left with no choice, Lu Ping was forced to plant the pagoda into the shore. The pagoda remained unmoving while the water waves slammed against it repeatedly. This move didn’t come without a cost—Lu Ping’s arcane energy was continually consumed by the pagoda.

Despite the constant barrage, the pagoda remained standing in the midst of the gushing water waves. This surprised the sea snake monster; this punk was just a Blood Refining Realm human, but his arcane energy was astonishingly abundant.

On the other hand, Lu Ping was regretting his overconfidence. The last thing he wanted was a battle that relied on the quantity and quality of one’s arcane energy. It seemed like the sea snake monster had seen through his uneasiness as it launched a large-scale attack that he couldn’t evade.

In the midst of the fearsome waves, a flash of sword light shot out from the bottom of the pagoda. It split the water apart and headed straight for the sea snake monster’s head.

In order to change the tide of the battle, Lu Ping decided to actively attack.

A scornful expression filled the sea snake’s eyes, but it couldn’t underestimate the power of the Flying Willow Sword.

Did this human cultivator really kill my companion?

It’s impossible. Although this human is impressive for a Blood Refining Realm cultivator, he still wouldn’t be a match for a Fourth Layer Blood Condensation Realm monster like my companion. This human must have come across the body, or seen the one who killed my companion!

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No matter which it is, he has to die! He’ll pay for my companion’s life with his own!

A wave of water gushed out, morphing into a water sword and parrying the Flying Willow Sword.


The water sword dispersed while the Flying Willow Sword flew back to Lu Ping.

Lu Ping hoped his attack would divert the sea snake monster’s attention, allowing him to escape the endless barrage of water waves.

However, this monster’s water-manipulation ability was beyond extraordinary. On top of that, the Blood Condensation Realm’s arcane energy heavily outmatched the Blood Refining Realm’s arcane energy. Lu Ping’s plan failed terribly.

While Lu Ping was planning his next move and how to escape, a loud whistle could be heard coming from afar. Before Lu Ping could react, a sword ray shot out from the horizon towards their faces. 

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