Chapter 48 - Flying Chariot
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 48 - Flying Chariot

Lu Ping spent another 300 spirit stones and bought a jade scroll named [Basics to Alchemy].

Since he decided to enter the profession of alchemy, it was only natural that he lay the foundation properly. Although he already had [Sheng Tao’s Book of Alchemy] and the [Elementary Alchemy] that he plundered from Lin Sheng, it was always better to refer to multiple sources of information and learn from the best.

“Ladies and gentlemen, next up, we have a batch of top-grade charms. Not just ordinary charms, but blood charms. But because there are too many of them, the blood charms will be sold in lots.”

“The first lot consists of twenty top-grade blood charms, the opening price starts at 150 spirit stones.” Manager Pang introduced Lu Ping’s blood charms to the crowd.

In the market, a single blood charm was worth somewhere between 8 to 10 spirit stones.

However, top-grade blood charms in the Blood Refining Realm level were rarely found in the market, let alone appeared in batches.

If these 20 top-grade blood charms were used altogether in a surprise attack, their combined power could prove troublesome even to a Blood Condensation Realm expert.

This was something Lu Ping had done before. He had injured the Fourth-Layer Blood Condensation Realm monster sea snake with a large number of top-grade Landmine Charms on the nameless island.

Sure enough, the blood charms attracted a great deal of attention. The lot’s price quickly exceeded 200 spirit stones and eventually sold for 230 spirit stones.

Lu Ping thought the price was acceptable. The blood charms wouldn’t be worth it anymore if the price went up higher than that.

After that, Lu Ping’s blood charms were sold in two more lots, with the second lot containing 30 blood charms and the third lot 50 blood charms. The crowd were especially amazed by the quantity of charms in the last lot.

Whoever was selling these blood charms was either a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator or most likely, a Blood Refining Realm charm-crafting master. After all, it didn’t make much sense for a Blood Condensation Realm charm-crafter to waste his blood essence on Blood Refining Realm charms that were useless to him.

During the auction for his charms, Lu Ping noticed someone in the auction hall looking around for something.

This ‘someone’ was no one else but Hu Lili, who had returned empty-handed from her exploration to Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling. However, her other two friends were not with her. Instead, she was accompanied by a young cultivator who kept talking. They seemed to be very familiar with each other.

Hu Lili was a little disappointed when she couldn’t find her target in the auction hall. She turned to the talkative young cultivator beside her and gave a reply.

Lu Ping knew she was looking for him. Clearly, she suspected him of crafting these charms. After all, Hu Lili had seen and traded a large number of blood charms from him.

Search for the original.

The two lots of blood charms were sold for 380 spirit stones and 720 spirit stones resp

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