Chapter 47 - Intense
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 47 - Intense

The unexpected appearance of a Blood Condensing Pellet had turned the atmosphere in the auction house strange and eerily quiet. However, everyone could clearly feel the energy brewing among the potential bidders.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but wonder—this was just one of the final items to be auctioned in advance, but what could be considered more precious than a Blood Condensing Pellet?

Perhaps this wasn’t the only Blood Condensing Pellet being auctioned today?

Regardless, Lu Ping was determined to acquire this particular Blood Condensing Pellet.

While the cultivators from the big clans were already informed that such an item would appear today, Lu Ping only heard from Shi Lingling that there “might” be a Blood Condensing Pellet in the auction.

However, Multi-Treasure Pavilion never announced how many Blood Condensing Pellets would be auctioned off today. Even those cultivators in the know naturally assumed there would only be one pellet, considering its rarity.

“The next item—one Blood Condensing Pellet. I believe this treasure needs no introduction. The opening price starts at 1,200 spirit stones and each increment in bid shall not be less than 50 spirit stones. The bidding starts now!”

“1,300 spirit stones!”


“1,400, don’t try to fight me!”

The last bidder was clearly an impatient one. He had lost his composure and became incoherent, telling others not to fight for the pellet and to let him have it. But the entire point of an auction was for bidders to fight each other for the items.

Lu Ping didn’t rush to bid as he knew the true bidding war hadn’t started yet.

The Blood Condensing Pellet was evaluated by the market to be worth roughly 1,800 to 2,000 spirit stones each. However, because the demand far exceeded the supply, the Blood Condensing Pellet had always been priceless.

Hence, it was common to see a Blood Condensing Pellet sell for more than 2,000 spirit stones, let alone in an auction house with almost a thousand bidders. Considering the level of demand, the price for this one pellet wouldn’t be anywhere low.

Looking around, none of the rooms had made any movements so far, a clear indication that the real bidding war had yet to begin.

Lu Ping was eager to acquire the Blood Condensing Pellet now due to his cultivation’s impending bottleneck. Yao Yong had also imparted some general knowledge about the Blood Condensation Realm and gave him a jade slip containing his breakthrough experience. Both pieces of information confirmed that even with Lu Ping's consolidated foundation, he might need more than two Blood Condensing Pellets to break through.

Yao Yong’s clan wasn’t very strong, so it only prepared one Blood Condensing Pellet for him. Yao Yong had earned the other one on his own from the side hall disciple competition. Even so, those two Blood Condensing Pellets were barely enough to support Yao Yong’s breakthrough.

If he had this knowledge, then other cultivators should have also guessed it as well. Most likely, the Multi-Treasure Pavilion

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