Chapter 46 – Auction (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 46 – Auction (2)

The cauldron’s price continued to soar. The winning bid came from the cultivator in Room 6 at the price of 820 spirit stones. This was already the price of an ordinary high-grade mystic instrument.

Afterwards, even when the subsequent items were not as good as the cauldron, they were still guaranteed in quality.

“A mid-grade flying sword mystic instrument, high in quality and available at an opening price of just 150 spirit stones. The increment for each bid shall not be less than ten spirit stones.”

Putting Dabao away, Lu Ping saw the flying sword he plundered from Lin Sheng being displayed on the stage.

In fact, even among late-stage Blood Refining Realm sect disciples, only the notable ones would have one or more low-grade mystic instruments.

One shouldn’t take Lu Ping as a standard for the rest. He was only able to sell so many mystic instruments because he plundered them from those notable disciples. 

The weaker Ninth-Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivators couldn’t even cast mid-grade mystic instruments multiple times before running out of arcane energy. Hence, mid-grade mystic instruments became a symbol of the elite and wealthy for Blood Refining Realm disciples. 

The flying sword’s price quickly soared above 250 spirit stones before slowing down at 270 spirit stones.

In the end, a young cultivator from the auction floor bought it for 300 spirit stones.

The price was still within a reasonable range. After all, Lu Ping couldn’t take it out to use, and it would be troublesome to keep as well. It was better to sell it off entirely.

After that, Lu Ping’s handkerchief mystic instrument and the flying-specialized sword mystic instrument were put up for auction.

As the handkerchief mystic instrument was mainly used for defense, and in addition to its form, it attracted the attention of many female cultivators and womanizers. 

Its opening price started at 220 spirit stones and broke through 300 spirit stones in the blink of an eye. Not another second passed before the price reached 400 spirit stones. Only then did the bidding ease a little.

Eventually, a female cultivator from Room 11 won the bid with 430 spirit stones.

In stark contrast, the flying sword wasn’t that popular, but it still sold for 360 spirit stones.

As per Lu Ping’s request, the Multi-Treasure Pavilion’s cultivator delivered the spirit stones earned from these sales to his room.

After subtracting the 5% premium to the auction house, Lu Ping had now earned over a thousand spirit stones.

“A charm brush made with the tail fur of a Three-Layer Blood Condensation Realm Silver Moon Rabbit. It’s usefulness will last you long after advancing into the Blood Condensation Realm.”

“The opening price is 300 spirit stones and each incremental bid shall not be less than 20 spirit stones.”

Manager Pang’s words caught Lu Ping’s attention.

Lu Ping’s charm-crafting skill had reached a level where further advancement wasn’t possible in the near future. In order to craft stronger and better charms, his only options were to upgrade h

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