Chapter 49 - Finale Items
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 49 - Finale Items

Lu Ping never imagined that this flying chariot was actually symbolic to Xuan Ling Sect elite disciples. Its appearance elevated the auction atmosphere, drawing all kinds of malicious speculations on Xuan Ling Sect.

“I think it’s more likely that someone killed a Xuan Ling Sect disciple and stole his mystic instrument.”

“I think so too. Didn’t you hear what happened recently? Xuan Ling Sect accused our Zhen Ling Sect disciples for colluding with monsters and killing five of their disciples? I heard that one of the five was an elite disciple from a formidable clan. If you ask me, this mystic instrument is most likely his.”

“Doesn’t that mean Xuan Ling Sect was right in their accusations? No, that can’t be true. I say, it must have been a criminal that murdered him, then they fled here to auction off the mystic instrument.”

“Whatever the truth may be, it sure is delightful to see a flying chariot up for auction. No matter what, we have to buy this so we can shove it in their faces,” Room 12 said.

“My condolences to whoever consigned this item. Xuan Ling Sect will surely learn about this and make their own investigations,” Room 8’s Yu Qiulan speculated.

“Well then, this puts Multi-Treasure Pavilion’s policies to a test. Let’s see if they truly withhold their customer information and keep their mouths shut.”

“Multi-Treasure Pavilion will not fail to honor its reputation,” Shi Lingling chimed in from Room 10.

“That’s right.”



The other rooms quickly agreed.

Manager Pang cleared his throat to stop the discussion, saying with a smile, “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no need for speculation. Our Multi-Treasure Pavilion’s reputation is not given, but earned. Be assured, we will not disclose any information about the seller.”

“So let us resume the auction, shall we? This mid-grade flying chariot can contain a maximum of nine passengers and has moderate speed. It has good defensive capabilities and luxurious decorations on the inside with various facilities. This is the perfect mystic instrument for you and your friends should you seek to travel far distances or simply for a picnic.”

“The opening price is 500 and each incremental bid shall not be less than 20 spirit stones.”

Lu Ping was shocked at first, especially when the crowd connected the mystic instrument to the nameless island incident. Their speculations were just one step away from the complete truth.

But suddenly, the Zhen Ling Sect disciples began to protect the seller of the flying chariot mystic instrument, and even Bai Changchun and Yu Qiulan, who were definitely not on good terms, had worked together. They deliberately forced Manager Pang to promise that Multi-Treasure Pavilion would not disclose the seller’s information. Lu Ping now had a deeper understanding of the sect’s unity.

Many wealthy Zhen Ling Sect disciples were fond of the flying chariot. After all, it would be something to boast about for a Zhen Ling Sect disciple to possess a mystic instrument symbolic to the Xuan Ling Sect eli

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