Chapter 453 - Treasure
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 453 - Treasure

Standing in front of the Ice Wyrm Clan, Lu Ping held the Seven Elemental Lightning Gourd in his hands. The Seven Elemental Lightning Gourd slowly rose into the air, shimmering with colorful lights as a tremendous force brewed inside it.

Lu Ping's expression was solemn. He poured all his energy into the Seven Elemental Lightning Gourd, causing the colors on the gourd to intensify.

Right as the entire Seven Elemental Lightning Gourd was enveloped in lightning, Lu Ping fixed his gaze on the protective formation in front of him and shouted, "Shatter!"


With a loud noise, seven colorful lightning bolts burst out. Like intertwined snakes, the lightning dashed across the air and landed on the formation. Instantly, a loud explosion occurred, sending shockwaves across the area.

The moment the rainbow lightning fell, Lu Ping realized that something was wrong. He immediately placed the broken Water Controlling Flag above his head, using it as a shield to protect him from the aftershock. The power of the Seven Elemental Lightning Gourd left Lu Ping in awe.

This was not close to being a great supernatural power, but was instead an authentic great supernatural power!

The power displayed could already be considered a great divine ability.

Even with the Golden Scaled Sword in hand, Lu Ping wouldn’t be able to unleash the same amount of power.

However, while Lu Ping was rejoicing over possessing yet another powerful ability, he found himself unable to do much before the sturdy formation.

The entire protective formation had been considerably weakened, but it was still fully intact. The formation was still in operation and was connected to the spiritual veins underground. If Lu Ping continued to attack, the protective formation would quickly recover with the support of these spiritual veins.

He did not have the luxury of time because Da Bao was still trapped within the residence. If he couldn't break through the formation before the reinforcements arrived, not only would he miss out on the treasure hidden inside, but he would al

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