Chapter 452 - Enraged Ao Yu
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 452 - Enraged Ao Yu

Ignoring the retreating Monsters, Lu Ping dashed toward Lu Ling'er, who lay in Lu Hai's arms. Oblivious to the blood streaming from her mouth, she said, “Father, the Ice Wyrm Bead and the interspatial items!"

Lu Ping noticed that whilst Lu Ling'er was gravely hurt, she was still cheerful, so he immediately knew her life wasn't in danger. He remarked with a smile, "You often claim that Da Bao is a miser, but I believe my little Ling'er is the biggest miser here. She's not even concerned about her injuries.”

The Ice Wyrm Bead and Ao Wu-Shuang's interspatial item flew into Lu Ping’s hands.

Lu Ling'er appeared to recall something and yelled angrily, "Father, be careful with the Ice Wyrm Bead!"

Unfortunately, Lu Ling'er's warning came too late. Lu Ping felt a chill permeate his flesh and blood immediately through his palm as soon as he held the Ice Wyrm Bead. It flowed up his veins and into his heart, trying to turn his entire body into an ice cube.

“Hmmm…” Lu Ping was curious, but that did not stop him from swiftly channeling his energy to disperse the energy surging along his veins.

When Lu Ling'er saw that Lu Ping was fine, she let out a sigh of relief and felt a surge of exhaustion. Lu Ping gave her a recovery pill and was about to place her in the Spirit Beast Bag for her to recuperate. Suddenly, Lu Ling'er said anxiously, "Father, can I see that Ice Wyrm Bead?"

Lu Ping grinned and answered, "Not now. We’re in the Abyssal Monster Realm, the Monster’s stronghold. We created such a commotion and scores of Monsters escaped. I fear that other powerful Monsters will soon come to slay us. We have to depart quickly to avoid being surrounded."

Lu Ling'er pouted, but she eventually accepted his answer. "Alright, but I want those two ice swords!" she exclaimed stubbornly, pointing behind Lu Ping.

Lu Ping examined the pair of ice swords left by Ao Wu-Shuang, which also happened to be his Origin Mystic Tool. It was a powerful weapon that had four Mystical Inscriptions.

"That’s fine, but you'll have to wait until yo

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