Chapter 451 - Ice Wyrm Bead
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 451 - Ice Wyrm Bead

The young Monster cultivator immediately recognized the snake trio, causing him to be distracted. Lu Ping acted decisively and swung the water whip at the back of the Monster cultivator.

The young Monster cultivator felt a dangerous presence locking onto him before he could recover from the shock of the snake trio. He wanted to evade the attack, but it was too late.


A loud noise sounded, followed by an indescribable pain that seeped into his bones. The whip attack shattered Ao Wu-Shuang’s protective aegis energy. If it weren’t for Monsters’ having innately powerful bodies, Lu Ping’s whip attack would have left him crippled.

Enduring the immense pain, Ao Wu-Shuang leaped forward. Using the chance to turn around, he shouted, “Who are–”

Before he could finish his question, Lu Ping’s second attack had already been launched. Ao Wu-Shuang’s expression twisted, and he hurriedly conjured an ice wall between him and Lu Ping.


Another loud explosion occurred as the ice wall shattered. The ice wall was sent flying backward, ramming into Ao Wu-Shuang and sending him back.

The Monster guards acted immediately. They hurriedly charged at Lu Ping, wanting to assist Ao Wu-Shuang. However, they didn’t see the evil grin on Lu Ping’s face.

The three Core-Forging Realm Monster cultivators were the first to reach Lu Ping, shielding Ao Wu-Shuang behind them. The next thing they saw was Lu Ping raising his hands into the air and letting out a battle cry.

Following this, a massive white lotus appeared. A terrifying pressure landed on the shoulders of the Monsters around him.

The white lotus spun above peacefully. Each petal glimmered brightly with mysterious inscriptions.

“That’s a Human cultivator! Kill him!” Ao Wu-Shuang shouted angrily.

The expressions of the Monster cultivators darkened. The two mid-Core-Forging Realm cultivators reacted first. They charged forward and lunged at Lu Ping at lightning speeds.

“Halt,” Lu Ping softly whispered with a smile.

The rotating white lotus vibrated and spat out twelve brigh

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