Chapter 448 - Tragic News
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 448 - Tragic News

Despite knowing that Lu Ping was going to hold a knowledge-sharing seminar, the fact that he was not accepting apprentices still disappointed many disciples. Some of the disciples tried to impress Lu Ping in the hopes of him accepting them. They wanted to try their luck and did not wish to give up without trying.

To their disappointment, Lu Ping only smiled and showed no signs of accepting any of them. Only a portion of the hundreds of disciples present decided to participate in the orientation after learning that Lu Ping was not going to accept an apprentice. However, the participating disciples unexpectedly gained the favor of some of the Core Forging Realm cultivators. These cultivators, who originally did not plan on accepting any apprentices, ended up accepting some disciples under Xuan-Miao’s influence.

In the end, more than half of the participating disciples were taken in. This was considered a huge success in Xuan-Miao’s eyes, even if some of the disciples were accepted as probationary apprentices.

Three days had passed when Wang Qi, Fang Wei, and Fang Xia, who were out hunting, learned that Lu Ping was holding a seminar. When they arrived, the orientation was reaching an end, so they were relieved they were still in time for the seminar.

Tian-Yue was also among the disciples that rushed to the scene. His cultivation level was still very low, but he had always been on Huang Li Island so he learned the news from Fang Tao long ago, allowing him to arrive early.

After scanning around, Wang Qi quickly identified a few figures in the crowd. They were the other five disciples that were sent to Huang Li Island back then. They were now all in the mid-Blood Condensation Realm and had made quite a name for themselves. Similar to Wang Qi, they were here to attend the seminar.

The first two days of the seven-day seminar were mainly about cultivation techniques. Lu Ping focused on the water-elemental technique, but the North Ocean Wave Listening Scripture was not the only technique he knew. His knowledge of water

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