Chapter 447 - Knowledge Sharing
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 447 - Knowledge Sharing

Thanks to Xuan-Miao, plenty of newly ascended Core Forging Realm cultivators had already become mentors to their new apprentices, before they could enjoy the joy of becoming high-level cultivators.

From what Lu Ping knew, aside from himself and Yin Xuan-Chu, his other friends like Yao Yong and Zhong Jian had already become teachers to a couple of apprentices and probationary apprentices.

For some time, he had noticed a boy always following Chen Lian around. This boy was Chen Lian’s apprentice. There were also a couple of other disciples assisting him who had become probationary apprentices.

The reason why Yin Xuan-Chu did not take in any apprentices remained unknown. Lu Ping avoided Xuan-Miao for years. Back then, Xuan-Yuan and Xuan-Miao sent seven Blood Condensation Realm disciples to Huang Li Island after they witnessed Lu Ping honing his swordsmanship. However, they were ignored for nearly a decade. As a result, five out of the seven disciples left, leaving only Wang Qi and Tian Yue behind, but they were also not selected by Lu Ping in the end.

Lu Ping never considered himself a hardworking person. In fact, he hated trouble. This stopped him from spending time and effort teaching an apprentice. Things were not the same from Xuan-Miao’s perspective. To him, Lu Ping was among the best Core Forging Realm cultivators in the sect for both swordsmanship and alchemy. There was no way he would let such a talented cultivator’s knowledge and skills go to waste.

Hence, no matter how many times Lu Ping turned him down, Xuan-Miao remained persistent. Whenever it was time for the orientation, Xuan-Miao would always send Lu Ping an invitation. This time, Xuan-Miao had received some news that allowed him to pinpoint Lu Ping’s location in the Pavillion of Alchemy.

Lu Ping understood the situation. No one knew about his cultivation in the pavilion except for the Great Ancestors and the few master alchemists of the sect. The alchemists would never speak of what happened in the Land of Heritage to Xuan-Miao, which only meant

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