Chapter 446 - New Level
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 446 - New Level

Tian-Hu waited for seven days. He realized something was off after Lu Ping showed no signs of appearing. After all, a batch of pellets wouldn’t take such a long time. Liang Xuan-Feng’s situation was deteriorating rapidly and he couldn’t last much longer. As a result, Tian-Hu decided to check on Lu Ping’s progress.

The moment he entered the Land of Heritage, he witnessed a torrent of spiritual energy flowing to the center of the land toward Lu Ping, who was sitting beneath the River-Inclusion Cauldron.

“He’s advancing to the next level? Luckily for him, the spiritual energy here is far more condensed and powerful, not anybody has the qualification to cultivate here.”

Tian-Hu caught a glimpse of the jade bottle sitting quietly beside Lu Ping. With a wave of his hand, Tian-Hu covered the bottle with his energy and pulled it to him.

“Ha. To be able to use a Mystic Tool Cauldron, one has to be in the late-Core Forging Realm and a top master alchemist. I didn’t think this little one could do so at his level.”

Tian-Hu opened the bottle and sniffed its contents. Surprise flashed across his eyes as he hurriedly extracted a Little Core Forging Pellet from the bottle. His expression changed after setting his sight on the pellet. Happiness washed over him as he placed the pellet back into the bottle. Tian-Hu glanced at Lu Ping with a complicated expression and silently left the Land of Heritage without disturbing him.

With that, only Lu Ping was left in the Land of Heritage, vigorously absorbing the spiritual energy in the air, stirring up the surroundings.

The spiritual energy that was absorbed turned into a ghostly blue energy before flowing into his heartspace with a Golden Core floating at its core. His divine revelation started being generated by the Golden Core, fusing into the core alongside the ghostly blue energy.

As the divine revelation merged into the Golden Core, a strange-looking Jiao-Dragon started taking form on its surface, starting with a serpent body and reptilian limbs, slowly forming antlers and a

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