Chapter 445 - River Inclusion Cauldron
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 445 - River Inclusion Cauldron

In reality, Xuan-Jing was an oddity among the master alchemists of the sect. As one of the few master alchemists, Xuan Jing’s skill was slightly stronger than Xuan-Dian's. He had no problem concocting mid-Core Forging Realm pellets, but his success rate for late-Core Forging Realm pellets was awful.

The situation only worsened after he poured all his attention on the Core Forging Realm, stalling his alchemy progress.

He was planning on making the final Core Forging Pellet his and did not expect it to be given to Liang Xuan-Feng, under Tian-Hu’s order.

There was no way he was willing to accept the situation.

Although he had not made any progress in his research of the pellet, Xuan-Jing had created a unique secret technique called Spiritual Extraction. This secret technique allowed the user to discreetly siphon away some of the pellet’s essence. The technique barely left any signs; even an alchemist would fail to detect anything without a thorough examination, let alone others.

Xuan-Jing had grown greedy. He did not wish to see the pellet that he felt belonged to him, be given to someone else. In the end, he pushed his luck by siphoning the essence of the pellet using Spiritual Extraction.

Initially, he hoped for the best. After all, Liang Xuan-Feng was no weaker than Liu Tian-Ling and the others. He thought that despite losing part of its essence, the Core Forging Pellet would be able to help Liang Xuan-Feng fully infuse the Nirvana Maple.

By then, even if Liang Xuan-Feng noticed something odd, the quarter essence had already been used up, and Liang Xuan-Feng wouldn’t blame him.

What he did not expect was that the Nirvana Maple was out of the ordinary. Additionally, Liang Xuan-Feng paid a great price to obtain it. He was heavily injured by the Crystal Palace’s disciples, and would have ended up losing his future if it weren’t for the pellet Lu Ping concocted for him. Even with this, Liang Xuan-Feng’s foundation still suffered severely.

The combination of the incomplete Core Forging Pellet and the damage to

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