Chapter 444 - Unlucky Xuan-Feng
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 444 - Unlucky Xuan-Feng

All wonder items had one purpose – to be infused into the Golden Core. However, some wonder items like the Swelling Earth, had another unique function, making them very valuable.

The Splendiferous Jade Dew was a unique wonder item. It was only a liquid in the mid-Heaven-Class grade, but it was very valuable because of how compatible it was with other materials used to concoct pellets.

Splendiferous Jade Dew was required in the concoction of some Longevity Pellets. It was also an essential material for Core Forging Pellets which were used to increase a Golden Core’s quality.

Lu Ping sat in the training chamber located on Huang Li Island and studied the incomplete recipe of the Core Forging Pellet in his hands. The recipe was personally delivered by Tian-Hu when he went to the Pavillion of Alchemy to claim his share of the spirit herbs.

“Hmmm… This is the recipe that the Xuan Ling Sect bragged about during the conference. I didn’t think it would fall into our hands. It’s a shame that it’s only a part of the full recipe. It's missing the method to make the pellet,” Lu Ping thought.

With a flip of his palm, a jade scroll appeared in his hand. The scroll had been acquired from Qing Jian’s residence and detailed the recipe for the Little Core Forging Pellet. The pellet could increase the Golden Core’s grade as Qing Jian had invented it based on the Core Forging Pellet.

Lu Ping figured that Qing Jian was at least somewhat knowledgeable about the Core Forging Pellet because he created an imitation of it. Hence, he put the two recipes side by side in an attempt to learn more about the concoction method of the Core Forging Pellet, which was still a mystery to him.

To his disappointment, Lu Ping found no clues. The only knowledge he gained was some improvement in his alchemy skills. As a result, he gave up and walked out of the training chamber.

By the time he exited from the training chamber, five years had passed. With sufficient resources and hard work, Lu Ping was at the peak of his current level and only a step a

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