Chapter 412 - Violet Eastern Fire
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 412 - Violet Eastern Fire

Tian-Jiang got straight to the point, and said “The Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire, it's with you, isn’t it?”

Knowing that there was no room for denial, Lu Ping straightforwardly said, “Yes. I acquired the Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire in the place of inheritance within the Pavillion of Alchemy.”

Hearing Lu Ping’s defensive tone, Tian-Jiang said. “Why are you so nervous? I’m very interested in that fire, but do you think I’ll let you suffer a loss?”

Lu Ping said reluctantly, “This is something I obtained in the place of inheritance. Why didn’t you ask for it earlier if you’re interested in it?”

Tian-Jiang glanced at Tian-Hu helplessly. Tian-Hu then said, “The opening of every place of inheritance requires the mutual consent of at least three Great Ancestors. You were granted access to the place of inheritance under the permission of Tian-Xiang, Junior Nephew Jiang, and Junior Niece Liu. At that time, I was in a crucial moment in my cultivation. I had no time, so I handed everything over to Xuan-Yan, giving you the luxury of acquiring the Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire before I could.”

Lu Ping immediately realized that this was the work of Xuan-Yan and the others. They wanted to make him yield by giving him trouble. Yet, instead of troubling him, Lu Ping effortlessly got his hands on the Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire using the Mystical Heavy Water.

Tian-Jiang continued, “The Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire’s nature is more than just explosive and vigorous. Whilst it's not as efficient as other fires in the same bracket, it's one of the best by far for smithing. I would like to use an Earth-class mid-grade wonder fire to trade with you. This fire is much better for alchemists compared to the Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire.”

Lu Ping already knew this, but the Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire was still far better than ordinary spirit fires. However, it would be rude if he turned down the sect's elders immediately. “What kind of spirit fire?” Lu Ping asked.


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