Chapter 413 - Affairs of Huang Li Island
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 413 - Affairs of Huang Li Island

After leaving the Pavillion of Alchemy, Lu Ping didn’t return to Huang Li Island. Instead, he headed straight to his second senior sister's place. Something was troubling him, but it was difficult to ask about it directly as it involved his master, so he wanted to clear his confusion by asking Li Xuan-Ru some questions. Unfortunately, he found out that she was away.

Lu Ping retrieved two message charms and sent them to Zhao Xuan-Ji and Wang Xuan-Jing. After waiting for a while, neither of the two message charms returned. It appeared that the two of them were also not in their residence.

With that, Lu Ping had no choice but to return to Huang Li Island.

The island had become more and more developed, functioning as an operating base for cultivators that explored the ocean and hunted for resources.

After exchanging greetings with Hu Lili and Chen Lian, Lu Ping summoned Fang Tao and inquired about the resources that they collected on Huang Li Island over the last few years.

“That’s a lot,” Lu Ping remarked with surprise as he eyed the interspatial pouch that Fang Tao handed over to him.

Fang Tao smiled, “Initially, we collected far less than that. Ever since you emerged victorious against the monster invasion a year ago despite only being a Core Forging Realm cultivator, our sect’s cultivators have started gaining the upper hand against the monster cultivators, improving the environment for us to hunt monsters and in turn attracting more cultivators to the island. The addition of Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin on the island was a catalyst that further attracted even more visitors. In just over a year, we managed to collect twice the amount of resources that we collected in the past three years. We would’ve gained even more if we weren’t limited by the small size of the island.”

Hearing that, Lu Ping couldn’t help but have mixed feelings. “I tried my best and even gambled with my life just to repel the invasion… and then there’s teacher’s husband. Hmmm. Strength really is what matters the most.

Since he

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