Chapter 410 - Confusion
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 410 - Confusion

Whilst Wave Listening Palace’s protective formation remained unactivated, Lu Ping had laid down all sorts of traps in the cave. Inside the training chamber of the cave, Lu Ping sat beside an anxious Hu Lili. Standing before him were three little kids, who all wore innocent-looking expressions.

However, despite their advancement into the Core Forging Realm, Lu Ping was not the slightest bit pleased when he looked at them. His dark expression caused the three little ones to lower their heads in fear.

“Tell me. Who gave you the guts to murder someone in our sect’s territory? The person you murdered was your father’s senior sister. She’s someone you would address as senior martial aunty!”

Hu Lili’s expression paled at Lu Ping’s anger, and she hurriedly said, “This is all my fault. I learned that Senior Sister Xuan-Ying tried to plot against Lu Qin’er and that she teamed up with Xuan-You and Xuan-Xiang to challenge you to a fight. I more or less know what kind of a person this senior martial sister of ours is. She’s definitely not a person who is brave enough to plot against you, which meant that there had to have been a mastermind. I used the opportunity of shepherding the violet bees in Tian Ling Mountain to spy on Senior Sister Xuan-Ying. I merely wanted to find out the culprit behind all of this.”

Seeing how Lu Ping’s expression remained gloomy even after hearing her reasons, Hu Lili started to feel more regret. However, she was also slightly aggrieved at Lu Ping’s reaction. After all, she was just trying to help him.

After making such a grave mistake, Hu Lili had no other option but to clarify herself, so she continued, “Senior Sister Xuan-Ying cut off all contact with everyone and stayed in her cultivation dwelling ever since you departed to Ice Frost Island. She hadn’t stepped out of her residence ever since, let alone contact someone else. Yesterday, however, she abruptly left Tian Ling Mountain after receiving an invitation from someone. As a result, I sent out the snake trio to spy on her. I neve

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