Chapter 407 - Personal's and Sect's Interests
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 407 - Personal's and Sect's Interests

Having been left untouched for thousands of years, Ice Frost Island's resources had accumulated greatly. The more that the cultivators explored, the more joy they experienced. Following the discovery of the miniature spirit vein, word quickly spread that the Zhen Ling Sect had also unearthed an ice-element miniature spirit vein.

Of course, the Zhen Ling Sect was not the only one benefitting; the other sects also stumbled upon bountiful resources and treasures, especially Shui Yan Pavilion.

The cultivation method that the Shui Yan Pavilion cultivated was very unique in the Northern Ocean. They mainly focused on water-element and ice-element cultivation methods. As a result, the compatibility between their cultivation method and the environment, meant that they had a much easier time detecting the hidden resources.

Despite not knowing what the Shui Yan Pavilion had acquired, the cultivators couldn’t help but assume that the trip was fruitful for the Shui Yan Pavilion after seeing Great Ancestor Cang Li’s expression, despite the Shui Wu-Huan incident.

Under the leadership of Lu Ping, Enlightened Master Xuan-Se, Enlightened Master Xuan-Huo, and Liu Tian-Ling headed into the frozen tunnel that Lu Ping had created. As he looked at the black mist, Enlightened Master Xuan-Sen said happily, “The Mystical Ice Ominous Mist is more than enough for a couple ice-element cultivators in our sect to cultivate their aegis energy. Mystical Ice Ominous Mist can also be considered as the best among peculiar ice that is used for aegis energy. Lu Ping, it seems like our sect's cultivators owe you once again!”

Enlightened Master Xuan-Huo, who had grasped a little understanding of Lu Ping through Chen Lian, remained silent. When he heard the sincere praise from Enlightened Master Xuan-Sen, who clearly held Lu Ping in such high regard, he couldn’t help but think inwardly, This brat managed to find this place when it’s in such an alienated location. There’s probably something fishy going on. This tunnel doesn’t seem new either. He must have

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