Chapter 408 - Dare Not Make Any Comments
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 408 - Dare Not Make Any Comments

Meanwhile, on Huang Li Island, after arranging and assigning tasks to Chen Lian and Zheng Jie, Hu Lili said, “I’ll be making a trip to a garden located within Tian Ling Mountain with the Amethyst Bee Swarm. I’ll be back within a couple of months at the earliest or half a year at the latest. With Great Ancestor Tian-Lin around, your safety is ensured. I’ll be entrusting you to manage the daily maintenance of the island for me.”

Zheng Jie replied cheerfully, “Don’t worry! We’ve tightened the security of the island ever since that battle. The cultivators visiting the island are much more obedient now, and with the addition of Great Ancestor Tian-Lin, no one will be brave enough to kick up a fuss. You have to be wary of Xuan-Yin and the others during your trip. They actually tried to kill Lu Qin’er on Tian Ling Mountain. They’re obviously coming for you and her. I wonder why Junior Lu didn’t kill them back then.”

Hu Lili shook her head helplessly at the question, and answered, “Anyway, it’s never wrong to be extra cautious. Do remember to put more effort into your training. I heard that brat Zhang Zi-Cheng has already condensed his Golden Core, making you the only one amongst us that has yet to do so. Either way, my senior sisters, and the other sisters aren’t a problem. The troublesome ones are the people that are supporting them from behind the scenes.”

Zheng Jie’s expression darkened at the mention of her cultivation level. Hu Lili retrieved a jade bottle and delivered it to her, “This is a Seven-Step Striped Pellet that Lu Ping gave to me before he left. He told me to give this to you. He said that your foundation is slightly weak, causing you to struggle in the Peak Blood Condensation Realm for so many years. I didn’t give you the pill until now because I wanted you to strengthen your foundation, to build a brighter path for yourself in the future.”

Zheng Jie’s attention was entirely occupied by the Seven Step Striped Pellet. The happiness overwhelmed her as she hurriedly snatched the jade bottle away from Hu Lili

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