Chapter 406 - Sixth Layer of Aegis Energy
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 406 - Sixth Layer of Aegis Energy

"Liu Tian-Ling, you'd better not cross the line! You defeated me in battle last time, and the Zhen Ling Sect obtained a fruitful harvest this time on Ice Frost Island. Do you think I'm afraid of you?"

At the bottom of the valley, in the Frost Hall, twelve Great Ancestors from the North Ocean sat together. Standing behind them were the Enlightened Masters of each sect, watching with their jaws dropped as the Great Ancestors entered a heated argument.

“Feng Xu-Dao lost to Liu Tian-Ling? When did this happen? This is something that would shock the entire North Ocean!”

In fact, the other Great Ancestors present were also very surprised.

Feng Xu-Dao was clearly not very lucky; first Jiang Tian-Lin defeated him and later on, Liu Tian-Ling did the same. It seemed he was no match for the husband and wife.

However, when Liu Tian-Ling became so powerful remained a mystery.

Jiang Tian-Lin and Feng Xu-Dao were crowned as the "North Ocean’s Prodigy Duo". Although Liu Tian-Ling was capable in her own right, she wasn’t as strong as the duo. Compared to Jiang Tian-Lin, who defeated Feng Xu-Dao right after advancing to the Avatar Realm, Liu Tian-Ling caught everyone off guard when she advanced to the Avatar Realm unexpectedly. In fact, many sects from the North Ocean were all secretly praying that Liu Tian-Ling did not advance into the Avatar Realm with a high-tier Golden Core.

However, it seemed like their hopes were crushed. Although Feng Xu-Dao's Golden Core was only a Seventh Grade Golden Core, he had built a strong foundation by absorbing a large amount of precious herbs and materials. Hence, after entering the Avatar Realm, Feng Xu-Dao's strength stood above most of the cultivators at the same level. As a result, no one expected him to be defeated by Liu Tian-Ling.

"How did you do that? What are you hiding, or rather, what is the Zhen Ling Sect hiding?" The gazes of the many Great Ancestors were filled with curiosity.

Additionally, the question troubling the two cultivators from the Xuan Ling Sect had now been answered by thi

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