Chapter 405 – Huge Discovery
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 405 – Huge Discovery

In return for being given a share of the large spirit stone mine, the independent sects and clans had to agree to give up on the remaining resources on Ice Frost Island.

As for the six treasures that the sects had been fighting over, the Zhen Ling Sect and its allies secured three of them, one wonder item and two peculiar items. The wonder item was an Earth-class low-grade wonder item that the Xuan-Sen and Yu Jian Sect representatives worked together to secure.

Since Zhen Ling Sect wasn't the only one contributing to secure these treasures, the three treasures were submitted to Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling to distribute. Although Lu Ping had no idea how four sects would share three treasures, he knew that his teacher would definitely keep the wonder item for the sect.

In any case, Lu Ping’s opinion didn't matter anyway.

A few days later, Lu Ping slipped out of the main camp and returned to the ice mountain he was at previously. He pulled his hands apart and the ice floor moved to the sides, revealing the ice tunnel that he had dug open.

Lu Ping walked in and traveled to the end of the tunnel, where the Mystical Ice Ominous Mist was being trapped. After passing through that area, he let Dabao out to continue excavating and reach the bottom of the ice layer.

Suddenly, he activated his aegis energy and a loud sound as something slammed into it.


Lu Ping turned around and saw a white man land behind him after his aegis energy had repelled him.

The white man wore a hideous expression and held a crystal-clear ice dagger in his hand. He growled at Lu Ping, lowered his body, and turned fully transparent, disappearing entirely from Lu Ping's vision.

Lu Ping turned solemn, quickly casting the [Tri-Pristine True Vision] and surveying his surroundings. Suddenly, he pushed his left hand out and a ripple of true energy struck the ice wall.


Countless ice shards splintered as Lu Ping trapped the white man inside the ice wall.


Lu Ping looked at the white man and asked.

The white man looked back in terror. He struggled heavily, but he couldn't free himself from Lu Ping's control. With each move that the white man made, a wave of cold breath traveled along Lu Ping's true energy. However, it was nowhere close to Shui Wu-Huan's bone-chilling breath, so Lu Ping was unaffected.

Lu Ping looked at the white man, wondering if this Early Core Forging Realm Ice Shura had limited intelligence. Otherwise, why would he only growl meaninglessly?

After a few moments, the Ice Shura's body turned transparent again and Lu Ping quickly cast the [Tri-Pristine True Vision] again. The Ice Shura had morphed itself into part of the ice wall and was trying to move away.

[Ice Escape]?

Lu Ping looked curiously at the Ice Shura, unafraid that he would let it escape. After Lu Ping turned serious, his true energy shattered a path through the ice wall, catching the Ice Shura in mere seconds.

Once again, the Ice Shura growled incomprehensibly after being caught. Lu P

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