Chapter 404 – Distribution of the Spirit Stone Mine
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 404 – Distribution of the Spirit Stone Mine

After some time, Lu Ping finally got rid of all of the after effects from Shui Wu-Huan's attacks. He quietly closed his palms and kept the small broken banner in his hands away. Inside his heartspace, the nascent pearls orbited rapidly around his golden Core, refining the spiritual energy into true energy to help him recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, a dozen other figures made their entrances, causing the Enlightened Masters to gather around them and greet them respectfully.

The Xuan Ling Sect Great Ancestor that had arrived was Feng Xu-Dao. However, compared to his domineering demeanor the last time that Lu Ping saw him, he looked gloomy and hateful this time.

Other than the Great Ancestors from the top ten sects, there were also two more that didn't belong to any of the sects.

The Great Ancestors listened to the Enlightened Masters that were reporting the situation to them. Afterwards, Great Ancestor Cang-Li said doubtfully, "Lead the way."

Immediately, the Hai Yan Sect Late Core Forging Realm representative brought the Great Ancestor to the bottom of the cliff where the disciples guarding the treasure array formation had been killed. Traveling together with them was the Cang Hai Sect's Great Ancestor and Late Core Forging Realm representative.

Along the way, Enlightened Master Lu Xu-Heng reported to Great Ancestor Feng Xu-Dao that they had only managed to secure one of the six treasures that flew away from the array formation. Lu Xu-Heng was hoping that the Great Ancestor could help them out, but Feng Xu-Dao only sneered unhappily and ignored him.

The other Great Ancestors also left to check out the situation at the bottom of the cliff together with their Late Core Forging Realm representatives.

Soon after, a few lights flew from the sky and arrived next to the group. They were all in the Late Core Forging Realm, so their arrival puzzled the Enlightened Masters present. Lu Ping looked over and recognised one of them as Chen Lian's teacher, Enlightened Master Xuan-Huo.

After the newly arrived Enlightened Mast

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