Chapter 337 – Returning
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 337 – Returning

Tian Ling Mountain was as gracious and harmonious as before.

Lu Ping and Liang Xuan-Feng agreed on a time to regroup, then went off on their own way. The first place Lu Ping stopped at was Chong Hua Palace.

At this time, there were many Blood Condensation Realm disciples joyfully shuttling in between Chong Hua Palace and other places. These disciples were preparing for Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's Avatar Forum.

In the North Ocean, every Great Ancestor was a powerful figure that could topple the power balance. Hence, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's advancement was naturally worthy of celebration.

Along the way, the cultivators were puzzled to see Lu Ping, but when they noticed his cultivation base as an Enlightened Master, they became more respectful and let him be.

Lu Ping himself didn't mind their stares, it was only normal that they couldn't recognize him. After all, he rarely visited Tian Ling Mountain in the first place, not to mention that he’d been missing for years now.

Thinking of this, Lu Ping’s thoughts turned to Huang Li Island’s current state. But given that the island was at the front of the border, it would've been destroyed by the monster tide years ago. Lu Ping sighed quietly. All his efforts to build and manage the island, even collecting five mini spirit veins, all of that had gone to waste.

Soon, there were cultivators that recognized Lu Ping. They were all surprised to see the disciple who was once presumed dead was still alive. What's more, they were shocked to find that he had advanced to the Core Forging Realm and became an Enlightened Master!

Words spread quickly, and in a short time, almost every cultivator in Tian Ling Mountain had learned about Lu Ping's return. Some were overjoyed and welcomed him, while some not so. Regardless, his return and advancement in realm had garnered a lot of attention.

The stories about him spread just as quickly.

For instance, his teacher was the newly-advanced Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling.

For instance, his previous teacher, Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling, together with Enlightened Master Xuan-Chen, had stormed into the Yuan Clan because of his disappearance.

For instance, his speedy cultivation advancement from the Eighth Layer Blood Condensation Realm when he was last seen, to the Third Layer Core Forging Realm now.

At the same time, questions began cropping up—what had caused his disappearance, where he’d been and what he’d gone through all these years, and most importantly, why did he return now?

Like a stone dropped into a pond of water, Lu Ping's return wasn't grand, but it certainly stirred up the waters.

In Chong Hua Palace, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling was standing in front of the master seat with a smile on her face—it was as if she already knew about Lu Ping's return. After noticing Lu Ping's cultivation base, her smile grew even brighter.

"Teacher!" Lu Ping walked into the palace, the teacher was still in her usual palace dress with her usual smile. He quickly stepped forward and bowed. "Teacher, congratulations on achieving Avatar Realm!"

Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling nodded. "Your Core Forging Pellet greatly helped. If not for it, I wouldn't have been able to forge an eighth-grade Golden Core."

Lu Ping was overjoyed. If a seventh-grade Golden Core was the ticket to Avatar Realm, then an eighth-grade would be the key to achieving Mid Avatar Realm. Given time, the teacher might even reach Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang's level, if not stronger!

Lu Ping took out a jade scroll and said, "Teacher, this is a jade scroll that Junior Uncle Xuan-Feng found in Chong Xuan's Palace in the East Ocean. It is a critical time for Junior Uncle as he is fusing his wonder item. He’s afraid that he won't be able to attend your forum, and so, he asked me to hand you his congratulatory gift on his behalf."

Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling skimmed the jade scroll and was surprised, murmuring, "[Sea Coasting Wave Listening Scripture]?"

Lu Ping nodded quickly.

She read the jade scroll again and said happily, "The complete [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]. Rumor has it that Fei Ling Sect's Great Ancestor Chong Xuan fled to the East Ocean with part of the sect’s heritage, including this scroll. I never thought it would be found, and yet Junior Brother Liang managed it."

Lu Ping smiled. "With the cultivation method now completed, it could become the sixth true heritage in Teacher's hands."

Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling peered at Lu Ping and laughed. "My disciple, since when have you learned to flatter others? But you are right, it would be such a waste to let it collect dust in the corner. I will have to give it a try."

Lu Ping smiled awkwardly, then quickly grinned.

At this time, Second Senior Sister Li Xuan-Ru, Third Senior Sister Zhao Xuan-Ji, Fourth Senior Sister Wang Xuan-Jing, Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei, Tenth Junior Sister Jiang Xuan-Xuan, as well as Leng Qian, walked into the palace together.

Clearly, they had learned about Lu Ping's return and were here to see him.

Lu Ping calmly greeted the martial sisters, including Leng Qian. Although Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling didn't say anything, she looked pleased to see that Lu Ping wasn’t cold towards Leng Qian. Jiang Xuan-Xuan humphed frigidly at seeing him greet the latter, but she too, kept silent.

Second Senior Sister Li Xuan-Ru noticed the strange atmosphere. She quickly smiled and said, "When my disciple told me that their ninth junior martial uncle had returned, I thought they were speaking in jest. Who knew that not only did you return, you also became an Enlightened Master—even more so, in the Third Layer Core Forging Realm. How incredible!"

"Indeed, it is." Fourth Senior Sister Wang Xuan-Jing chuckled. "Thankfully, I advanced to the Mid Core Forging Realm last year, otherwise you'd surpass me by now!"

Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei smiled bitterly. "Fourth Senior Sister, please don't mock me. This is my first time meeting Ninth Junior Brother and I'm already two cultivation layers behind him."

Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei had been in closed-door cultivation long before Lu Ping became their junior martial brother, hence they had never met before. However, Lu Ping was still grateful towards her as her welcoming gift to him was the [Shapeless Sword Art], which he’d cultivated into a mini divine ability.

"My turn, my turn!"

Little junior sister Jiang Xuan-Xuan was also in the Core Forging Realm. She hopped up to Lu Ping and put up her hand haughtily. "Ninth Senior Brother, congratulations on finally surpassing me in cultivation base! But you weren't here for my Core Forging Realm celebration, so you owe me a gift. Since it's been so long, you need to make up for the delay with one more gift!"

Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling smiled happily to see her disciples in harmony, the senior martial sisters also watched as the young and playful girl teased her senior brother.

Lu Ping laughed. "Little junior sister, what do you wish for? You should at least tell me that much. Otherwise, I might give you gifts that you don't like at all, and I won't be changing them then!"

Jiang Xuan-Xuan rolled her eyes, then waving her hands in an exaggerated arc, she exclaimed, "Wow, no wonder they say Senior Brother is wealthy. You have so many valuables that I can even choose now!"

Then, she softened her voice and said sweetly, "Senior Brother, I want a flying sword, but Father and Mother said the Flowing Cloud Flying Sleeves are the best option for my nascent mystic treasure. Do you have a top-grade flying sword mystic instrument that I can play around with?"

Lu Ping knew Jiang Xuan-Xuan's cultivation method was Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's wood-element cultivation method, so he smiled and said, "I have two wood-element flying swords, but they’re not top-grade mystic instruments."

He saw the disappointed expression on her face and knew she really wanted to have a flying sword, so he said, "But I have two wood-element spirit materials that can make good flying swords."

Sure enough, Jiang Xuan-Xuan's eyes widened in anticipation at hearing that.

Lu Ping took out two long peach tree branches, each three feet long, from his interspatial ring, he said, "These branches are enough to make a pair of flying swords. After that, Little Junior Sister can wield the dual swords underneath the sleeves. None of your peers will be able to defeat you."

These two peach tree branches were mutated spirit materials from the peach tree monster, Lu Ping still had a dozen more of them in his interspatial ring. These two branches were the better-quality ones, at least 3,000 years of age, and almost equivalent to Grade 3 spirit materials.

The senior sisters were surprised to see Lu Ping taking out such valuable spirit materials so casually. One must know, these two branches had the potential of becoming mystic treasures if carefully forged and nurtured.

Wang Xuan-Jing sighed and teased, "If I knew Junior Brother was so wealthy, I would've brought my disciples along and asked you to give them some welcoming gifts!"

The martial sisters and brother laughed happily.

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After that, Lu Ping looked around and noticed Seventh Senior Sister Fan Zi-Hua wasn’t there, so he asked, "Where is Seventh Senior Sister?"

Third Senior Sister Zhao Xuan-Ji, who had remained silent until then, said, "She’s in closed-door cultivation for her breakthrough to the Core Forging Realm. It's hard to say if she can make it in time for Teacher's forum."

Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei wore a bitter expression, "And here I thought she could help me prepare for the forum. Looks like I have to do everything on my own this time."

Wang Xuan-Jing looked at Lu Ping and raised her brows. "Sixth Sister, did you forget something? The sect's custom is to always have the smallest Core Forging Realm disciple be in charge of the Avatar Forum. Are you the smallest one here?"

Chen Xuan-Wei clapped her hands happily and answered, "That's right!"

Then, she looked at Lu Ping and said seriously, "Ninth Junior Brother, the teacher's Avatar Forum will be in your hands. Little Junior Sister is an exception, so as Teacher's smallest disciple, as well as the only male disciple, this task is now yours"

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