Chapter 336 – Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 336 – Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang

Besides Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang, Shocking Sting Island also had one medium spirit vein, twelve Enlightened Masters, and over one hundred Blood Condensation Realm disciples. From this alone, one could tell just how important Zhen Ling Sect regarded the island.

Lu Ping followed Xuan-Rong to a cave-dwelling and settled down, while Liang Xuan-Feng followed Xuan-Tong to report to Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang.

The next day, as Lu Ping was cleansing his eyes with Inebriant Purified Water, a guest had come to visit.

Lu Ping walked out and saw two cultivators staring at him; he was filled with surprise and joy, and laughed happily, "Senior Brother Wei Zi-Heng, Senior Brother Su Zi-Peng! It's been more than ten years since our time together on Fei Ling Island. I didn't think we would meet here. Come in!"

Wei Zi-Heng and Su Zi-Peng were none other than the two leaders that led the Blood Condensation Realm disciples to explore Fei Ling Island.

At first, they were restrained, not knowing how they should approach Lu Ping who was now an Enlightened Master. But after seeing that Lu Ping’s attitude didn't change in the slightest despite his advancement, they felt relieved and entered the cave-dwelling.

Su Zi-Peng smiled bitterly and exclaimed, "Back in Fei Ling Island, junior brother had already showcased your talents. Both of us gained a lot from the expedition, broke through to the Mid Blood Condensation Realm quickly, found teachers, and were sent to hone our skills and character in the Fallen Rift. Coupled with our hard work, we had thought that we would be able to stand out amongst our peers. But after seeing you today, we feel ashamed for all the resources the sect has invested in us."

Wei Zi-Heng said, "When Junior Martial Uncle Xuan-Tong told us that we have another Core Forging Realm pillar called Enlightened Master Lu Xuan-Ping, we still had our doubts until we saw you today. Junior brother, your cultivation progress is just… unbelievable, we don't even know what we can do to catch up."

Lu Ping sensed the despondency in hi

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