Chapter 338 – Gathering
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 338 – Gathering

Although Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei had said that she couldn't manage the forum on her own, Lu Ping believed that his senior sisters were actually intentionally giving him the chance instead.

Being the planner of an Avatar Forum was a perfect chance for any cultivator to showcase his ability. Not to mention that the sect and teacher would also reward the planner after the forum.

Seeing that they all intended on giving him the chance to prove himself, Lu Ping gladly accepted their goodwill, and said, "In that case, your junior brother promises to do his best."

After that, he briefly explained the events that happened to him over the years in the East Ocean. When he mentioned Melodious Inn's Enlightened Master Mei and Zhu Xuan-Meng, Lu Ping immediately noticed that his Second, Third, and Fourth Senior Sisters were startled, and looked at Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling. On the other hand, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling continued to listen quietly with her usual calm and smiling expression.

Lu Ping didn't stop and continued to recount his experiences, while inwardly knowing that Melodious Inn's Enlightened Master Mei must have something to do with his teacher.

Lu Ping also told them about the Wave Listening House that he established in the Fallen Rift, as well as meeting Junior Martial Uncle Liang Xuan-Feng. Naturally, he didn't tell them that he was the one who had killed Kong Liang.

While the martial sisters were amazed that he had established a force in the East Ocean's Fallen Rift, they were even more shocked to hear that he had become a Master Alchemist. From that point on, their gazes towards him carried a subtle hint of admiration and respect. Lu Ping also noticed the mixed expression painted on Leng Qian's face.

Then, Lu Ping mentioned his meeting with Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang on Shocking Sting Island, and repeated the Great Ancestor's words to them. Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling finally stopped smiling and wore a pensive expression, while the Second, Third, and Fourth Senior Sisters also kept quiet. Only Chen Xuan-Wei, Leng Qian, and Jiang Xuan-Xuan seemed to have no idea what was happening.

Unlike the teacher and older senior sisters who seemed to be aware already, and the younger senior sisters who seemed to know nothing, Lu Ping was somewhere in between.

He understood that Enlightened Master Mei was most likely from the sect, and was also quite possibly hostile with their teacher. He also understood that Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang wasn’t just talking to Liang Xuan-Feng and himself, but that he also intended to pass those words to Liu Tian-Ling through his mouth.

After all, Liu Tian-Ling was now a Great Ancestor. Even though Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang was more senior, he couldn't openly scold her anymore, not to mention the fact that they were a whole ocean apart. Hence, Lu Ping was the perfect medium to pass his words to her.

At the same time, Lu Ping himself didn't even consider Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang's hint of settling the debts through a duel between the younger generation. He wasn't fond of Enlightened Master Mei at all because she and his teacher were hostile, so he naturally didn't want to be the bridge that resolved their conflicts.

This was also one of the main reasons why Lu Ping didn't want Maiden Pavilion's help. From the conversations between Liang Xuan-Feng and Zhu Xuan-Meng, along with Zhu Xuan-Meng's reactions, he had already picked up some subtle hints so he had kept a distance from her.

Lu Ping's stance was simple, he would support his teacher no matter what. Hence, in order to satisfy Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang's wishes, Lu Ping decided that he wouldn't intentionally provoke Enlightened Master Mei and her disciples, but neither would he cooperate willingly with them either.

After hearing all the events over the past few years, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling held a small session with Lu Ping to answer any questions he had about his cultivation. With Lu Ping's present cultivation base and attainments, he was able to ask meaningful questions that could even inspire the elder senior sisters.

Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's attainments had also increased tremendously after her advancement, so her answers were always able to pinpoint the critical issues and easily enlighten the disciples.

Towards the end, the senior sisters also joined in the session to ask questions. The questions they asked provided insights and presented different views to each other.

During the session, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling also explained to them the dangers and issues of cultivation in the Core Forging Realm, including how to enhance divine revelation, how to select wonder items, the fusing process, and even the breakthrough experience to the Avatar Realm.

Three days passed just like that, with all the disciples having learnt a lot from the session.

After that, Lu Ping stayed back in Chong Hua Palace. According to the sect's rule, Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters had to set up a cave-dwelling on Tian Ling Mountain, but because Lu Ping's return was unexpected, it would take a few days for the administrators to complete the necessary procedures.

After all, the creation of a cave-dwelling was a troublesome process, they had to list out the locations for him to choose, lay down the boundaries and divert the spirit vein to include the new area, along with many other things. Furthermore, Lu Ping also had to complete a number of tasks himself such as setting up the cave-dwelling's protective formation and cultivating the spirit herb garden.

In the end, his cave-dwelling was established on a cliff that was facing the ocean. The sounds of waves colliding with the cliff suited the name of his cave-dwelling, Wave Listening Palace, very well.

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However, his choice had puzzled the cultivator in charge. Although the spiritual energy here was sufficient, the surroundings were mostly rocky lands making it difficult to set up the cave-dwelling's protective formation and also making it unsuitable to cultivate any spirit herb garden. As a result, only a few reclusive Enlightened Masters had set up their cave-dwelling here.

Little did he know, Lu Ping didn't need to cultivate a spirit herb garden at all as he had the Golden House; the spirit herb garden in the spatial dimension was already large enough for him to use.

Furthermore, this cave-dwelling on Tian Ling Mountain was just temporary for him, as he wouldn't be staying on Tian Ling Mountain most of the time.

However, the reason Zhen Ling Sect insisted that every Enlightened Master set up a cave-dwelling on Tian Ling Mountain was because it wanted to promote a sense of belonging to the sect amongst them. The large spirit vein on the mountain was a good attraction for the Enlightened Masters to use in their cultivation.

However, there were some who had their own cave-dwellings outside, resulting in them rarely coming back as they usually cultivate in their private cave-dwelling which mostly had its own mini spirit vein. This way, not only would they not be disturbed by visitors, they would also have a personal spirit vein to enjoy.

For instance, Lu Ping had a small spirit vein's Spirit Gathering Pearl with him which would take just a few years of nurture before it turned into an actual small spirit vein. Another reason he didn't want to stay on Tian Ling Mountain was because of the many secrets he had accumulated that he didn't want anyone to know about.

The cultivator in charge carved out the cave-dwelling for him but had left the tiny details for Lu Ping to add on his own. However, Lu Ping didn’t mind the crude cave-dwelling at all. He didn't even think of setting up a protective formation for it, as he saw it as a fake cave-dwelling himself.

The next day, just after Lu Ping had finished cultivating, he suddenly smiled and walked out of the cave-dwelling. In the distance, a charming figure slowly walked towards him.

As she came close, Lu Ping said gently, "I knew you'd be the first person to come."

It was just like a few years back when the two had met in the Frosty Forest Array on Huang Li Island.

Hu Lili smiled brightly, her gaze filled with a trace of pride, relief, and longing.

She stepped forward and took out a formation chassis, handing it to Lu Ping, "I knew you'd be too lazy to take care of your cave-dwelling. Take this and use it. This is a Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master's cave-dwelling, it won’t look nice to leave it unprotected. Furthermore, there will be visitors later."

Lu Ping smiled, "You’re still as thoughtful as ever, I really didn't think of managing this place at all."

Hu Lili smiled. Then, she walked into the cave-dwelling and started setting up everything as if she was the owner, cleaning, carving out furniture from stone, taking out household accessories, setting up the bed, and doing everything else necessary. All of a sudden, the crude cave-dwelling had been transformed into a warm and welcoming stone house.

Whilst Hu Lili was busy, Lu Ping was outside setting up the cave-dwelling's protective formation. He placed down the spirit materials and spirit stones around the cave-dwelling, and then activated the array formation. An invisible barrier was raised, shielding the cave-dwelling inside.

Lu Ping carefully checked the array formation and smiled, realizing that Hu Lili's formations were getting stronger. Coupled with her Ninth Layer Blood Condensation Realm cultivation base, she could now hold her ground against ordinary Enlightened Masters.

After all, he wasn't the only one who was improving these last few years. This made Lu Ping wonder how his old friends were doing nowadays.

Both Lu Ping and Hu Lili were quite introverted when it came to a relationship, but even though they didn't say anything to each other about their experiences during their time apart, they were able to understand each other and convey their feelings through their expressions and actions.

Suddenly, a long laugh sounded out, "Didn't Junior Martial Brother Lu just make his cave-dwelling, why does it look like it has been here for years already. Senior Sister Hu, you’re as thoughtful as ever, you already prepared the cave-dwelling for our arrival."

Lu Ping and Hu Lili looked at each other with a smile, then Lu Ping walked to the entrance and saw a fiery red light descending from the sky.

The brawny Yao Yong withdrew his fire-element flying spell, and said, "Everyone says you've been in the East Ocean, and that you’re already in the Third Layer Core Forging Realm. Sigh, I'm not sure if I'm being too arrogant by taking pride in my Core Forging Realm advancement, or if it's you that is too much of a freak."

Lu Ping laughed, "Senior Brother Yao, those words don't suit you."

Yao Yong shook his head and walked straight into the cave-dwelling without Lu Ping's invitation, as if he was returning to his own place.

In the next few moments, Shi Lingling, Chen Lian, Zhong Jian, Ma Yu, Zheng Jie, Ji Zi-Xuan, Yin Zi-Chu, and Zhang Zi-Cheng had all gathered in Lu Ping's cave-dwelling.

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