Chapter 338 – Gathering
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 338 – Gathering

Although Sixth Senior Sister Chen Xuan-Wei had said that she couldn't manage the forum on her own, Lu Ping believed that his senior sisters were actually intentionally giving him the chance instead.

Being the planner of an Avatar Forum was a perfect chance for any cultivator to showcase his ability. Not to mention that the sect and teacher would also reward the planner after the forum.

Seeing that they all intended on giving him the chance to prove himself, Lu Ping gladly accepted their goodwill, and said, "In that case, your junior brother promises to do his best."

After that, he briefly explained the events that happened to him over the years in the East Ocean. When he mentioned Melodious Inn's Enlightened Master Mei and Zhu Xuan-Meng, Lu Ping immediately noticed that his Second, Third, and Fourth Senior Sisters were startled, and looked at Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling. On the other hand, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling continued to listen quietly with her usual calm and smiling expression.

Lu Ping didn't stop and continued to recount his experiences, while inwardly knowing that Melodious Inn's Enlightened Master Mei must have something to do with his teacher.

Lu Ping also told them about the Wave Listening House that he established in the Fallen Rift, as well as meeting Junior Martial Uncle Liang Xuan-Feng. Naturally, he didn't tell them that he was the one who had killed Kong Liang.

While the martial sisters were amazed that he had established a force in the East Ocean's Fallen Rift, they were even more shocked to hear that he had become a Master Alchemist. From that point on, their gazes towards him carried a subtle hint of admiration and respect. Lu Ping also noticed the mixed expression painted on Leng Qian's face.

Then, Lu Ping mentioned his meeting with Great Ancestor Tian-Xiang on Shocking Sting Island, and repeated the Great Ancestor's words to them. Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling finally stopped smiling and wore a pensive expression, while the Second, Third, and Fourth Senior Sisters also kept quiet. Only Ch

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