Chapter 57: Rain
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 57: Rain

“What’s wrong with you?” Luo Yi turned to Zhen Jianren beside him and asked.

Not too long ago, they reunited at the front of the main education building. They were exchanging information when Zhen Jianren suddenly paused. He lifted his head to look around. His eyes were sharp with alertness.

Luo Yi sensed something as well. He followed Zhen Jianren’s gaze and looked around. Before them was a sizeable garden with a pond in the middle. The pond was dry and cordoned off by a low fence. Red bricks were used to build a flower plot to the right of the fence.

Further to the east was a small forest. Due to the season, the leaves had all fallen. One could see through it easily. Other than the occasional students and staff passing by, nothing was out of place.

Luo Yi looked at Zhen Jianren with confusion. His lips moved. Before he could say anything, the latter said with worry, “Earlier that moment, I had a bad feeling.” The constant worry and action exhausted Luo Yi. He gathered his focus and whispered, “From which direction?”

Zhen Jianren eventually shook his head, “I don’t know. In any case, we’ve been targeted. We need to find the clues and escape this place.”

“What is our plan next?”

“We’ll split up.” Zhen Jianren stood up. “You go to the files room and see if you can find anything on the girl they mentioned. I’ll notify the others.

“We’ll meet up at Block C’s music classroom at 2 pm.”

Zhen Jianren was the last one to arrive. As he entered the canteen, he saw Jiang Cheng and Xu Wen’s groups squeezed at the same table. Fatty saw him instantly. He waved him over, “Mr. Guardian Angel, we’ve been waiting for you!”

Xu Wen shared the information she had from Teacher Feng Lan.

When Zhen Jianren heard that Feng Lan was once trapped in the office and all of the guards that came to save her had no chins, Zhen Jianren suddenly spoke, “It looks like what I found out was the prelude to your story.”

He and Luo Yi went to Year 3 Class 1 and 2 to learn more about the situation. Both classes participated in the rehearsal.

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