Chapter 56: Portrait
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 56: Portrait

When they went back to the room, Fatty still hadn’t recovered from the shock. However, he didn’t dare to speak too loudly since it was still dark.

“Doctor, why did you do that?”

“No reason.” Jiang Cheng grumbled as he wiped his hands with a wet cloth, “I feel like they’re being too lazy, so I’m giving them some pressure. This is for their own good.”

Fatty was used to Jiang Cheng’s bullshit. He asked, “Then, the blood…’

“It is as you think,” He shrugged, “I borrowed it from Long Tao.”

Fatty’s expression was indescribable. He hesitated and then talked as if to himself, “Doctor, I guess you want to create the illusion that they’ve been targeted by the ghosts. If they don’t solve the mission, they’ll die first.”


Fatty licked his lips and followed behind Jiang Cheng, “I can understand that. However, a handprint should be enough. Why extend the length of the fingers?” He looked at the man with confusion, “Is there a meaning behind that?” Fatty seemed to think of something and snapped his fingers, “You want to disrupt them and make them think the killer has a giant hand! Is that why?”

“Not really.” Jiang Cheng scratched his head with embarrassment. “Mainly, I saw there was some left in the bottle, and I didn’t want to waste it.”

Fatty’s lips twitched, “...I thank you for Long Tao.”

“You’re welcome.”

After using two bottles of water, the smell of blood lightened. Jiang Cheng flung the water away and crawled back to bed with satisfaction.

“Doctor,” After a while, Fatty called out softly, “Are you asleep?”

“Yes.” Jiang Cheng answered clearly, “I dreamed of Long Tao. He said that he couldn’t eat without his chin. He wanted to borrow your chin for two days before returning it to you. I was begging him on your behalf, but you woke me up.” Jiang Cheng flipped over. “But don’t worry. He will take some time to arrive.”

“My doctor…” Fatty said through tears. He wanted to sew Jiang Cheng’s mouth shut, “I beg you to shut up.”

There were still two hours to dawn. Jiang Cheng believed Fatty wouldn’t be able to

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