Chapter 74 - Dungeon Hall
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 74 - Dungeon Hall

Ning Yiyi is unavailable.

Perhaps she went on another mission.

When he first met Ning Yiyi, she was also doing a mission.

Lin Moyu didn't find this strange.

In Xiajing Academy, everyone is very busy. There is no one really with free time.

In a few days, the new students admitted to Xiajing Academy this year will arrive.

At that time, the academy's courses will start, and things will be more hectic.

Lin Moyu didn't rush to activate the Teleportation Stone, but checked the message sent by Bai Yiyuan.

"Requirements for entering Chuangshen Institute."

"Your level must exceed 30."

Just the first requirement came as a shock to Lin Moyu.

"Sister... has exceeded level 30?"

"That's so fast!"

From the information provided by Bai Yiyuan, it can be seen that Lin Mohan joined Chuangshen Institute only three or four months after entering the academy.

That is to say, in just three or four months, Lin Mohan has advanced to level 30 from level 16.

This speed is quite astonishing.

Normally, it takes about a year to advance to level 30 from level 20.

Unless, you are like Lin Moyu, who can solo nightmare rank dungeons.

However, there are very few people capable of this.

Lin Moyu can't understand how Lin Mohan raised her level.

He can only ask Lin Mohan when he sees her.

After taking a look at the level requirement, Lin Moyu continued to look at the second requirement.

"You must clear the level 30 dungeon Abyssal Frontline, at hell rank difficulty."

This one seems a bit difficult.

Hell rank difficulty is much harder than nightmare rank.

To clear a hell rank dungeon, comprehensive requirements for class, psyche, techniques, equipment, and skills must be fulfilled.

Ordinary parties basically stand no chance.

Only extremely elite parties will be able to have a chance.

"After I have reached 30, I can try soloing the dungeon."

Lin Moyu mused. From start to finish, he never considered going in a party.

Going in a party is not as enjoyable as going solo.

"The third requirement is to accumulate 1,000 contribution

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