Chapter 73 - Everything Within Expectation
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 73 - Everything Within Expectation

At the office of academic affairs, Director Qiu stood respectfully aside.

There is a person sitting behind his desk, and that person is Bai Yiyuan.

After Lin Moyu arrived, he was slightly surprised to see Bai Yiyuan.

But his expression didn't change particularly.

"Greetings God Bai, Director Qiu."

Bai Yiyuan chuckled and beckoned Lin Moyu with his hand, "I saw recordings of the trial. Your performance was quite remarkable."

Is that why he was called over?

Lin Moyu said faintly, "I just did what had to be done."

The objective of the trial was to obtain the Mermaid's Tears. Lin Moyu still doesn't know what is the use of the Mermaid's Tears.

But since the academy had its eyes on them, the Mermaid's Tears must be useful.

The smile on Bai Yiyuan's face became brighter. Humble in victory and gracious in defeat, this is the best mentality to become a top powerhouse.

"Do you know the use of the Mermaid's Tears?"

Lin Moyu shook his head.

Bai Yiyuan smiled and said, "In fact, of the people who participated in the trial, not many know the use of the Mermaid's Tears."

"Mermaid's Tears are related to the success rate of awakening a talent during the second class awakening."

Lin Moyu was taken aback.

During the second class awakening, there is a chance that a talent will be awakened. But this chance is very slim.

One in 10,000 can awaken a talent.

He thought it was just a matter of luck. But unexpectedly, there are items that can increase the probability.

Although he felt a bit surprised, but his face didn't register any change, and even the look in his eyes remained unchanged.

When he didn't see any reaction in Lin Moyu's eyes, Bai Yiyuan was a bit disappointed.

"Of course, apart from Mermaid's Tears, there are other items that can help awaken a talent. But Mermaid's Tears are fairly easy to obtain."

"We calculated the time and location where Mermaid Island will appear. But unexpectedly, Sakura Kingdom did the same, which almost resulted in the failure of the trial."

"Fortunately, you were there. You made

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