Chapter 75 - Turns Out It's Some Guy Under Level 20
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 75 - Turns Out It's Some Guy Under Level 20

Shu Han received payment and gave a meticulous explanation.

Lin Moyu felt that the 100 points were well spent.

Through Shu Han's explanation, Lin Moyu learned the specific rules of Dungeon Hall.

In addition to meeting a dungeon's requirements, you still have to pay some points in order to enter it.

At Xiajing Academy, points are required at every twist and turn.

The same goes for dungeons.

The higher the level of a dungeon, the greater amount of points is required.

You can also spend points to remove a dungeon's cooldown period.

Even without a Cooldown Charm, as long as you have enough points, you can raid dungeons repeatedly.

Lin Moyu was pleasantly surprised.

With this feature, his leveling speed can be raised by quite a bit.

Shu Han brought Lin Moyu to the center of Dungeon Hall.

There are some crystal balls arranged here.

Shu Han explained, "This is the mission center and party recruitment center of Dungeon Hall."

"There are many missions in the mission center, mainly collecting materials, equipment, and some special items from the dungeons."

"You can complete missions to earn points, or you can post missions yourself, to collect some materials or items."

"The party recruitment center is used to form parties. You can either publish a recruitment or join another party."

These two functions are very practical.

However, the prerequisite is points.

Both the mission center and party recruitment center require points.

Posting missions requires points, and a portion of the points you earn from completing missions will also be deducted.

Posting party recruitment also requires points. Joining a party, however, doesn't require points.

In Xiajing Academy, points are a kind of hard currency that has pervaded every facet of the academy.

It took more than half an hour before Shu Han finished her careful and methodical explanation regarding Dungeon Hall's circumstances to Lin Moyu.

"Is there anything else you still don't understand?"

At this moment, the communicator on Lin Moyu's wrist suddenly vibrat

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