Chapter 60 - Points Have To Be Spent At Crucial Times
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 60 - Points Have To Be Spent At Crucial Times

60 - Points Have To Be Spent At Crucial Times

Lin Moyu finally understood the principle that points are more useful than coins.

Four-person room is the cheapest, costing 500 points per month.

Double room costs 1,000 points per month.

Single room costs 2,000 points per month.

As for villas, they cost more than 10,000 points.

If you don't have points, you can also pay in gold coins.

You will have to add two more zeros to the costs.

Four-person room costs 50,000 gold coins per month, while single room costs 200,000 gold coins.

It is indeed not cheap.

Lin Moyu only has a few hundred gold coins on him at the moment.

Points can be exchanged into gold coins at a ratio 1:100.

But gold coins can't be exchanged into points.

Bai Yiyuan stated that in Xiajing Academy, most things can be traded.

However, trading gold coins for points is not permitted. If you are discovered doing this, severe punishment will be meted out.

In addition, there are many resources that can only be purchased with points.

In this way, points have become the most important hard currency in an academy.

Wherever gold coins can be used, points will never be used.

If points can be saved, they will be saved.

Thanks to the young man's detailed explanation, Lin Moyu learned a lot.

His name is Jiang Tao, and he was admitted into Xiajing Academy two years ago.

He is currently working as an administrator in the residential area, responsible for handling small matters, to earn points.

From his words, it can be inferred that it's not easy to earn points.

Probably due to Lin Moyu's relationship with Bai Yiyuan, Jiang Tao is particularly polite to him.

"Junior Lin, I know you just passed the great examination and should have a lot of points."

"But I still have to advise you. If you can save points, then do so. There are many places where you will have to use points in the future."

Lin Moyu roughly understands he should save points.

However, he has too few gold coins.

He doesn't want to stay with anyone.

"I want a single room."

Jiang Tao

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