Chapter 6 - Going Solo VS Going In A Party
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 6 - Going Solo VS Going In A Party

6 - Going Solo VS Going In A Party

At first glance, there is no difference between the Iron Skeletal Warrior in front of him and the Iron Skeletal Warrior he summoned in the afternoon.

The appearance remains the same, looking as if it came out of a garbage dump.

But as the saying goes, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

[Iron Skeletal Warrior]

[Strength: 150]

[Agility: 150]

[Spirit: 150]

[Physique: 150]

[Skills: none]

Despite having the same appearance, the stats are as different as day and night.

All stats have increased by 10 times.

Strength, agility, and spirit aside, increasing physique by 10 times is equivalent to increasing health and defense of the Skeletal Warrior by 10 times.

With the addition of the skill Damage Transfer, it will be difficult to kill Lin Moyu.

Lin Moyu released the Skeletal Warrior placed in the summon space and found that its stats have also increased by 10 times.

The effect of Comprehensive Amplification was also applied to the Skeletal Warrior in the summon space.

Lin Moyu spent the remaining spirit force and summoned another Iron Skeletal Warrior.

Next, he began to meditate.

Meditation is the best way to restore spirit force, and it can replace sleep.

Many students can do it.

The following morning, Lin Moyu woke up on time.

His spirit force has been fully restored.

Three Iron Skeletal Warriors stood loyally in front of him as if guards, motionless.

As the soul fire in their skulls pulsated, cold currents filled the place. The surrounding temperature dropped by several degrees.

"It's pretty convenient in the summer; no need to worry about hot weather." Lin Moyu mused, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

He used Summon Skeletal Warrior again and summoned the fourth Skeletal Warrior.

Subsequently, all four Skeletal Warriors were placed in the summon space.

Keeping 10 points of spirit force and taking 4 Iron Skeletal Warriors, whose stats have increased by 10 times, Lin Moyu believes this is sufficient to raid the dungeon.

150 points of strength,

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