Chapter 156 - Third Battlefield World Dungeon; There's Actually A Teleportation Formation
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 156 - Third Battlefield World Dungeon; There's Actually A Teleportation Formation

Ning Yiyi said with disbelief, "There's actually a teleportation formation here!"

Lin Moyu was also surprised.

There's actually a teleportation formation here.

And there are high-level class users guarding the teleportation formation, and there's even a simple base built.

Doesn't that mean that you can teleport directly to this place from the Third Fortress?

If they had known this, there would be no need to go through the trouble of walking all the way here.

A large group of class users gathered at the dungeon's entrance.

Not unlike class users in front of other dungeons, they set up bonfires, sat together, and chatted merrily.

Despite the Abyssal World being within reach, they don't seem to be bothered.

Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi's surprised expressions caused a burst of laughter.

"Two more people oblivious of the teleportation formation walked all the way here."

"Tell me about it. There are basically fools like this every day."

"This is the result of not carefully checking all information. Instead of comfortably traveling via the Third Fortress's teleportation formation, some will walk such a long way."

"Perhaps they want to save some military merit. After all, teleportation consumes military merit."

"There are also couples who decline using the teleportation formation to go on a date, unlike you, who came here by yourself."

"Hey, look at their level..."

Following friendly teasing, the class users suddenly let out cries of surprise.

Lin Moyu, level 26.

Ning Yiyi, level 25

To go to the Third Battlefield at these levels is akin to delivering food to Demons.

Not to mention the Third Battlefield, even going to the Elemental Plain is basically suicide.

In their view, any given Elemental Sprite in the Elemental Plain should be able to kill the two.

How did they reach here?

A big question mark formed in everyone's heart.

The class users exchanged puzzled looks.

The teleportation formation flickered, and a party of class users teleported here.

Upon seeing them, Ning Yiyi promptly smiled and said, "I

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