Chapter 157 - This Is Hell Rank Difficulty? It's Really Easy
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 157 - This Is Hell Rank Difficulty? It's Really Easy

The dark Abyss's power surged, and a large number of monsters charged out.

These monsters, looking no different from Abyssal Demons, are ferocious, cruel, and bloodthirsty.

There are Demons flying in the air or running on the ground, riding giant beasts, their momentum surging.

On the other side, there are human class users.

There are top class users who have exceeded level 70 in the air.

There are even more class users on the ground.

"These class users... there's something wrong!"

Lin Moyu looked over.

The class users in front of them aren't living people, but phantoms.

They seem illusory.

The same is true for the Demons

Although it looks scary, but it's actually an illusion.

The two sides engaged in a fierce battle in a world where darkness and light intersected.

These Abyssal Demons basically all have the ability to fly. Even the demons riding giant beasts on the ground can fly.

In this aspect, the Demons appear to have an edge over the humans.

When the two sides engaged in battle, the humans fell into a disadvantage.

Suddenly, a Mage raised his stave and said, "Restricted Airspace!"

The Demons, including the top human powerhouses, fell from midair.

Only the Mage remained in the air!

He raised his stave high and said, "Forbidden spell: Elemental Disaster!"

In an instant, the place devolved into elemental rioting.

The entire dungeon world shook and became chaotic.

Hundreds of human Mages simultaneously raised their staves and shouted in unison.

A variety of forbidden spells smashed into the Demons.

The Demons suffered heavy casualties. At this time, a Demon King appeared.

The Demon King is huge, easily 1,000 meters tall, looking like an ancient evil god.

The Demon King's wings vibrated, and equally terrifying elemental power poured out and swept across the entire human army.

The forbidden spells erupted, and brilliant multicolored light covered the entire dungeon.

After a moment, the light disappeared, and both the humans and the Demons vanished.

The world located in the center, where

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