Chapter 155 - Loosing Skeletal Warriors For the First Time
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 155 - Loosing Skeletal Warriors For the First Time

A series of notifications appeared.

The military badges emitted dazzling silver light in response to Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi earning a great deal of military merit.

In just a moment, the two earned 3,000 military merit each.

Corpse Explosion claimed the lives of a total of 60 Abyssal Demons.

It works!

Lin Moyu was overjoyed. It actually works.

When the corpse exploded, it was already in the Abyss World.

The Demons have a height of five or six meters if not larger.

Corpse Explosion's range is 90 meters. To be able to kill so many Demons at one time, they must have been squeezed together.

Lin Moyu painted a scene in his mind.

The appearance of the spatial channel prompted countless Demons to rush over.

Therefore, they crowded together.

Then a corpse flew over and exploded!

So many were killed in one explosion.

After a while, the spatial channel gradually returned to normal.

It looks like this spatial channel can last for a while.

Ning Yiyi exclaimed happily, "That's a lot of military merit. Let's bomb them again and again."

Lin Moyu shook his head and said, "Let's wait a minute."

After the explosion, some time must be needed for Demons to gather on the other side. As such, if he launches another explosion at this time, the result won't be really great.

Sure enough, after a minute, pairs of crimson eyes appeared in the spatial channel again.

Demons have gathered again.

A Skeletal Warrior threw a Demon corpse into the spatial channel once more.

Following the same recipe, the Demon corpse entered the spatial channel and then exploded with a rumble.

[Killed level 38 Abyssal Wolf Demon, EXP +380,000, military merit +50]

[Killed level 37 Abyssal Wolf Demon, EXP +370,000, military merit +50]


A string of notifications appeared again.

The military badge shone again.

The two earned another 2,000 military merit.

Lin Moyu's military merit reached 8,500.

When he reaches 10,000 military merit, he will become a one-star lieutenant.

On the other hand, Ning Yiyi's military merit reached 7,900.

To be

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