Chapter 154 - Old Ning Mustn't Learn About This
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 154 - Old Ning Mustn't Learn About This

The Abyssal Shadow Demon died.

Following their boss's death, the remaining Abyssal Demons fell into despair.

They were cut down amidst miserable screams.

The military badges of Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi kept shining as military merit accumulated.

In this clash, the two gained 1,200 military merit each.

The Abyssal Shadow Demon provided the most military merit -- 1,000 in total or 500 per person.

The other 14 Demons, who were below level 40, provided 100 military merit or 50 per person each.

At this time, Lin Moyu's military merit exceeded 3,000.

Ning Yiyi's military merit reached 1,800.

In addition to military merit and EXP, they also obtain a Demon Crystal.

This is also one of the requirements of the mission issued by Bai Yiyuan.

The mission requires Lin Moyu to kill Abyssal Demons and obtain Demon Crystal.

Bai Yiyuan seems to have predicted that Lin Moyu would encounter Demons above level 40 and thus included it in the mission.

Ning Yiyi smiled and said, "In the future, I will pretend to be scared and draw them to us, so that they don't run away."

This is indeed a solution, but it's not foolproof.

Lin Moyu said, "But, if we encounter Demons with long-range attack ability, it'll be troublesome."

There are countless kinds of Demons, including many with long-range attack ability.

If you encounter them, they can hide at high altitudes and release their skills. They can run at any time, making them quite troublesome.

Demons aren't monsters. They are intelligent, and they will run if they're no match for the opponent.

"I hope I'll get a suitable skill at level 30."

At present, his EXP reached level 26 (89%). He's about to level up.

Once he has reached level 30, he can consume elementary skill scrolls and learn and master new skills.

Perhaps things will improve then.


Xiajing Academy, God Bai Courtyard.

Meng Anwen stared at Bai Yiyuan in a daze.

He is usually calm and rarely shows such an expression.

"Are you crazy?" He muttered a question.

Bai Yiyuan chuckled, "What do you mean crazy? I want

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