Chapter 136 - You Don't Even Know My Class And Skills
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 136 - You Don't Even Know My Class And Skills

Rutger emitted flames from all over his body.

At this moment, he looks like a giant more than two meters, with a burly physique.

"This is my skill -- Fire God's Body."

"Under the effect of Fire God's Body, my attributes are increased by three times, the offensive power of my skills is increased by three times, and the damage I take is reduced by three times, and I am immune to all control-type skills."

"Plus, there is still the status buffs provided by the supports."

"With your raggedy skeletons, you think you can fight me?"

Rutger drew his golden sword and laughed wildly.

Status buffs appeared on him, cast by the supports in his party.

His momentum was also enhanced, becoming more and more powerful.

The level 30 Rutger, while fully buffed, is stronger than some level 39 class users.

The subordinates he brought are full of fighting spirit. They have complete confidence in Rutger.

Rutger has gone through countless battles, large and small, carving the image of invincibility in their hearts.

While fully buffed, Rutger has become even crazier, "I am basically invincible below level 40!"

Ning Yiyi furrowed her eyebrows, "As I said before, there's something wrong with his head."

Lin Moyu spoke in confirmation, "You're right. In particular, after using his skill, he seems a bit crazed."

Anyone can tell that Rutger's state is abnormal.

However, legendary classes have their strengths.

Just like the Fire God's Body's properties, which are quite amazing.

As such, even though there are some side effects, it's not unacceptable.

In this state, it's not a problem for Rutger to defeat a party by himself.

With sufficient preparations and plenty of medicine in the pockets, it's not impossible for Rutger to solo the hell rank outpost dungeon.

As for the dungeon boss, Outpost Guardian, Lin Moyu thinks he can't defeat it.

Lin Moyu tapped the air with his finger and said, "Go ahead!"

The Skeletal Warriors immediately rushed forward.

A huge red net covered the world.

Skill: Slowing Curse.

As expected, Rutger wasn't affected by the curse

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