Chapter 137 - Hundred To Two Hundred Million Is Just A Small Amount That Won't Cut It
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 137 - Hundred To Two Hundred Million Is Just A Small Amount That Won't Cut It

A few hours later, Lin Moyu once again cleared the outpost dungeon.

At this point, Lin Moyu is only 10% of EXP away from level 25.

He will be able to level up after another raid.

Meanwhile, Ning Yiyi was successfully promoted to level 23. When she leveled up, she smiled very happily.

Leveling with Lin Moyu is really easy and comfortable.

Thinking about the time she raised her level from level 20 to level 21, Ning Yiyi's nose was a bit sour. It was really difficult.

Ning Yiyi made up her mind to rely on Lin Moyu.

Lin Moyu collected the equipment and other items inside the storage spaces of Rutger and company.

If he sells these items, he'll be able to earn a lot of money.

Lin Moyu is currently in great need of money.

After all, once he reaches level 40, he will have to use a large number of intermediate skill scrolls.

Intermediate skill scrolls cost 10 million gold coins or 80,000 points per scroll.

With his current wealth, he can hardly buy any.

After they left the dungeon, the two saw the Fiery Warhorses outside the dungeon.

As if they could sense the death of their owners, the Fiery Warhorses were uneasy and kept neighing, their hooves on fire.

Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi exchanged a look, then ignored them and walked to the side to rest.

They have agreed beforehand to keep what happened with Rutger to themselves.

Naturally, they can't have any contact with the Fiery Warhorses either.

In this way, no one will be able to put the blame on them.

When they saw Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi come out, the people outside weren't surprised.

A group of people gathered together, drinking alcohol and talking loudly.

"I knew it, those people aren't as fast as Lin Moyu!"

"That's right. What Fire God's Champion, what genius of the Guhrow Church, he's just trash."

"That depends on who you use as comparison. He's trash when compared to Lin Moyu. But when compared to us, we're trash."

"That's not quite right. Isn't he a legendary class user? What if by chance my class is sublimated during the second awakening?"


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