Chapter 957: Patrol
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 957: Patrol

“After midnight, the knight will protect the princess as they go on patrol. The street cleaner would also go out at night after all the shops were closed.” The absurd nightmare started to overlap with real life. Han Fei continued to flip through the album. The girl slowly grew up, and her mental illness became more serious. Sometimes, she couldn’t control herself and did things people wouldn’t understand. The merchants on the street hated her because she would disrupt their business.

The street cleaner understood that he couldn’t force the others to accept his daughter. To prevent his daughter from creating trouble, he always stayed by his side and used his weak body to protect her. The girl grew up, and the cleaner became older. The pictures became clearer, but the people in the pictures became older. However, no matter how tired they were, the father and daughter would smile before the camera.

The daughter was obedient when her father was by her side. However, if she were left alone, she would become agitated and hostile. The debt notes in the box expressed this. The daughter didn’t want to be kept at home. She would escape in order to find her father. She would be bullied by the merchants. Many times, they had to call the police on her.

“19th February, scared the customers at the milktea shop. Debt 300 RMB.”

“25th February. Stayed outside the boutique. Wouldn’t leave after being chased. Got into a fight with the shopkeeper and scratched her face. Debt 800 RMB and returned 315 RMB.”

“16th March. Stole a customer’s leftovers. Tried to escape after being caught. Affected the restaurant. Debt 300 RMB.”

“1st April. Ran on the street and shouted. Scared many people. Owe the fruit stall, the restaurant, and the milktea shop 50 RMB each.”

“29th April…”

The cleaner used all of his money to buy medicine for his daughter, so he couldn’t pay the debt. He had to owe them. Even in the nightmare, the details on the debt notes were so clear. The cleaner swore that he would eventually clear all the debts.

“At first, the

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