Chapter 909: City of Hope
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 909: City of Hope

Han Fei made a rough calculation. Normally he could control seven Pure Hatreds simultaneously. However, if he released Immortal on top of that, his mind would be 90 percent gone. Therefore, he wouldn’t do that unless cornered.

“Based on the info at the center, there’s not one ghost compared to Immortal. This is the body Gao Xing has prepared for himself. It is beyond the scope of a Pure Hatred.” Han Fei could hear the heartbeat from deep inside his world of sins. Immortal had infiltrated not only his mental world but also his body.

“I wonder how long I’ve been asleep. Hopefully, the kids haven’t done anything stupid.” The kids were not monsters but Han Fei’s best friends. Han Fei resisted the pain and climbed up from the ground. He looked around. He was lying in the ruins of the fleshy underworld. Broken flesh covered his body.

“Where’s Ah Nian?” Ah Nian was gone. Han Fei tried to use the black band to contact him, but his band was too severely broken. Han Fei took a deep breath and was about to take a step forward when the ground shook. The fleshy ground collapsed as Big Sin crawled out. While Han Fei was unconscious, it had been protecting Han Fei. The giant body stomped around Han Fei. The whole world shook, but Big Sin didn’t care. Even though it looked scary, it thought it was just a cutie around Han Fei.

“Have you seen the man who came with me?” Han Fei rubbed Big Sin’s head. After his latest awakening, he finally felt more like Big Sin’s master. Big Sin pointed down the horizon. It was where Hope City was. Han Fei had a bad feeling. He sat on Big Sin and flew towards Sky Garden.

“Hopefully, there’s still time…” No ghost dared to stop him. 40 minutes later, he appeared at the door to Sky Garden. Compared to when he left, this place had changed tremendously. All the numbers on the doors were gone. Gao Xing’s wife sensed Han Fei’s presence and expanded her ghost territory. Red ropes intertwined around the building. Endless dead bodies were tied to them. It was hard to associate Gao Xing’s wife with gentlen

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