Chapter 910: Hope City's Last Hope
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 910: Hope City's Last Hope

The ghost territory was like the night sky. In comparison, Han Fei appeared so small. More than ten powerful Pure Hatreds flew about in the sky. To enter the ghost territory, one had to fight back several Pure Hatreds at the same time. No one inside Hope City could do that, so they could only retreat.

Han Fei could sense the curse imbued within the ghost territory. It was not something a normal person could resist. The power of persona was limited. God made sure the persona users had limited power.

“Is this the present they’ve prepared for Gao Xing?” God’s eyes slowly opened. The Executioner’s sins bound on Han Fei. He grabbed Rest in Peace. Humanity glowed like stars and cut on the ghost territory. The greater the sin, the sharper the blade. This blade that didn’t belong to the altar world cut through the power of the Pure Hatreds so that light could shine into the ghost territory. An opening appeared, but no one noticed it. Everyone was too caught up in the murders. Compared to the overall ghost territory, this opening was nothing. Left on its own, it would heal in less than 10 seconds.

“Tong Xin! Evil Soul!” Two giant ghost hands grabbed the side of the opening. The black flame in their heart burned. The presence of destruction spread. “The world is surrounded by pain and despair. How can I stand there and give up everything I love to the person I hate?” Greed, ambition, and mist came out from behind Han Fei. It swallowed all the sins in the world. “I am evil and insane. I work with ghosts and submerge in despair. However, I’m still willing to be a fire and burn in the night to guide the way for the kind and the lost.”

Han Fei took a deep breath. As he activated the greed persona, he also triggered the healing persona. The persona fragments in his mind glowed. The stars shone on Rest in Peace. The world’s gentlest knife glimmered. All the souls who were willing to follow Han Fei affected each other. Rest in Peace changed tremendously in this altar world. The blinding light chased all the dirt back.

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