Chapter 908: Friends
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 908: Friends

No. 1 was certain that he could shatter the binding of fate. He knew that he had the other kids standing behind him. He believed that nothing was impossible as long as they worked together. The other kids had confidence in No. 1 too. They had done everything for No. 1 to create a miracle.

“I don’t care what persona you have. No one can kill me on my altar!” The red pupils made from despair stared at No. 1. Gao Xing’s soul in the orphan awakened.

“When we decided to hunt you down, we’ve already examined all the branches of fate. You have no hope of escaping.” No. 3 silently stood behind No. 1 and took out his notebook again. “To allow No. 1 to swing this punch, we’ve investigated the location of all the figurines and controlled the workers at the pharmacy to sneak the cursed items of the New God into your sacrifice.”

No. 2 slowly raised his arm. The chains on No. 1’s wrist started to loosen. Two forces crashed together, and each link of the chain trembled. The red pupils sensed danger. The pupils turned around as if they were trying to escape from the boy’s body.

“It’s pointless.” No. 3 showed the boy his notebook. “We purposely let you see this. All the kids that could sustain your soul are already under our control.” The notebook turned, and a page filled with bloody names entered the boy’s eyes.

“It’s not a coincidence that we have found you. We targeted you a long time ago. We openly challenged you after we made sure you have no escape.” No. 3 burned the notebook and turned to No. 1. “All miracles are based on endless preparations and coincidences. I made the preparations, and No. 1 created all the coincidences. No. 1 created the miracle itself.”

The fate chains crumbled. Then, nothing could stop No. 1 anymore. The power of his persona pierced through the blind boy’s body and hit the ugly soul underneath. The lock over the city seemed to break. As the soul crumbled, the clouds above the city lightened. Starlight shone on the ruins of humanity again.


Gao Xing’s past soul was the weakest. It had to

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