Chapter 864: New Hatred Old Revenge
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 864: New Hatred Old Revenge

Han Fei’s focus was stamina. With this new talent, he could turn his little Intelligence into stamina during battle. It was very useful. Han Fei used the black mist to wrap around God’s heart. This heart was made after the many sacrifices done by the criminals at the buffer zone. It contained a lot of life force. The survivors would pray for mercy between torments, and the criminals used that to force the survivors to summon God.

“It’s time to go.”

The temple collapsed. Han Fei cleaned up his trace and left with the kids. Not long after they departed, the police and patrols came. The trades happening under the surface were unearthed by Han Fei. This time, Hope City couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Han Fei’s group sneaked and hid for a whole afternoon before they returned to their car. After the second stage started, the altar world had changed already. The sunlight didn’t come until it was almost noon. The dark clouds became thicker, like a storm was coming any time soon. Yin energy gathered at every corner. The drop in temperature was obvious.

“There will be sins where there are people. Hope City has been content for too long. They have forgotten the taste of fear.” Kong Tiancheng was released by Han Fei. He looked back at Hope City. This new city built by humanity disappointed him.

“If you’re not satisfied with Hope City, why not join the Tragedy Investigation Center?” Han Fei drove towards An Kang Pharmacy.

“Do they accept ghost members?” Kong Tiancheng might look human, but he was a very scary ghost. He had an extremely high IQ and knew many secrets. If he sided with the cryptic world, the consequence would be dire.

“If you’re willing, team 13 welcomes you with open arms.” As the team leader, Han Fei could do that.

“I’m intrigued, but I don’t want to be bound.” Kong Tiancheng mainly wanted to use the center’s resources. The cryptic world’s ghosts had destroyed everything he had. “Are Team 13 all ghosts and criminals?”

“Team 13 is the center’s most unique unit. The team has solved many cases and is well-resp

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