Chapter 865: The Can
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 865: The Can

Han Fei’s hand that held the document popped with veins. The bloodred night changed Han Fei’s fate. It turned a child with the healing persona into a madman who only knew how to laugh. It shattered the hope of all the children. Han Fei could feel the despair from Mad Laughter’s memory fragment.

“Tong Xin? I’ll have to repay him nicely!”

Han Fei decided to capture this Pure Hatred. He would deliver unto him how much pain he had caused the children back then. An eye for an eye was something Han Fei learned in the cryptic world.

“Relax.” Tou Qi noticed Han Fei’s reaction and passed Han Fei a chewing gun. “The expiry date was nine years ago, but they never really get stale.”

“Thanks, but I’m fine.” Han Fei put down the document and listened to the plan. They actually had been meaning to do something about the Third Mental Hospital, but there were different voices within the center. Some were worried that the mission would fail and cause unnecessary injuries. However, after the Pure Hatred came to haunt the center, all the admins felt the desperation to act. They didn’t know this was because Han Fei had done something at Hope City. Pure Hatred would only leave their ghost territory because this was the second stage of the altar world. From the admins’ perspective, Tong Xin was purposely taunting the Center.

The meeting soon ended. The admins decided to attack the Third Mental Hospital at noon the next day. Other than Team 1, who left with Li Xue, the other teams would all participate in the mission. Five patrol teams and support teams would join as well. The admins also decided to contact the top persona users. These people contributed a lot to the center. They were not bound. They would only return when the center needed them.

“It looks like the center is going for the kill this time.” Tou Qi became serious as well.

“It’s not that serious, right? There are only a few more teams compared to our last mission.” Han Fei was planning his own things.

“The center has different medium teams, like our investigation team

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