Chapter 76
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"But didn't you say that you liked him?"

A bewildered look appeared on Pan Yingying's face as she didn't expect Jun Zishu's response.

"I said 'probably' liked him. I used to like you as well," Jun Zishu said with a carefree smile. The feeling of being a scumbag was quite stimulating, if Jun Zishu had to be honest.

"So, are we all like this in your eyes? Things that can be abandoned at any time?"

Pan Yingying failed to control her tears again, her eyes becoming moist.

"You don't need to put it so severely. I doubt any of us has ever expected this relationship to last forever."

"But I did! I did think of spending the rest of my life with you!"

"That's because you're still young. You haven't met enough people and accumulated enough experiences. Once you've grown older, you'll understand why I would do such a thing," Jun Zishu said, figuratively stabbing a knife into Pan Yingying's heart without hesitation.

Jun Zishu admitted that her actions were cruel. However, she felt that it was a much better option than trying to comfort and persuade every one of her mission targets to break up. If every one of her mission targets refused to break up, she would have to waste her time and energy trying to comfort and persuade them again. If she kept on repeating this cycle, not only would she be wasting her time and effort, but her actions might stimulate her mission targets and cause them to go down the crazy route. Rather than invest a bunch of time and effort into an endeavor that could potentially backfire on her, it'd be better if she acted a little more decisively.

"Jiang Wentong! Do you even have a heart?!"

"A heart? Do you want to feel it? I do have one. Moreover, it has once been on you and Wei Jiangen. However, it has returned to my body now," Jun Zishu calmly replied.

Hearing this, Pan Yingying lowered her gaze to Jun Zishu's chest, a fierce expression on her face.

"Don't act like I've betrayed you. You know as well as I do how we ended up together. Honestly, both of us have betrayed Jiangen. So, the best decision to make now is to go our separate ways. I don't wish to say these things a second time."

Jun Zishu sighed and looked at Pan Yingying in pity.

"Yingying, you know that I only like those who are obedient."

"But I've been obedient, yet didn't you abandon me still?"

"No, you are not obedient, which is why I don't like you anymore. Even if we break up, wouldn't it be better if we separated on good terms?" Jun Zishu grabbed a napkin and helped wipe Pan Yingying's tears again. Then, in a coaxing voice, she said, "I have always found you to be cute, Yingying. I don't wish to ruin your beautiful image in my heart, so don't behave like this, okay?"

Pan Yingying hesitated to speak. However, she had stopped crying, and she looked much less sullen than before.

"Don't try to use him to get revenge on me. To me, he is merely someone I am about to dump. Moreover, aren't you two close friends on the surface? You and I can continue being friends as well. You can also invite me out for meals. I'll be single at that time. What do you think?"

Jun Zishu's words immediately tempted Pan Yingying.

A Big Sister Wentong who was single… Wasn't that just wonderful?

Once her Big Sister Wentong was single, she could pursue the woman once more. So what if they had to be friends for the moment? So long as she managed to wait until the fateful day's arrival…

"Maybe you can continue helping me, Yingying. I don't think Jiangen would be willing to break up with me even if I maintain a firm stance with him. I know you can help me with him, right?"

"Of course. So long as you wish for it, I will help you with anything." Pan Yingying firmly nodded with a joyful expression. "You will definitely break up with him, right?"

"Mhm. His roommate is celebrating his birthday the day after tomorrow. I agreed to attend the celebration with him so long as I have time. You'll find a way to join in, right?"

"Yes, I can do that."

"Good girl."

Jun Zishu smiled in satisfaction as she rubbed Pan Yingying's face.

Meanwhile, Pan Yingying looked at Jun Zishu obsessively as she obediently let Jun Zishu rub her head like a tamed cat.

Subsequently, the two finished their meals in peace, and Jun Zishu dropped Pan Yingying off at the girl's university.

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"Goodnight," Jun Zishu said.

"Can you give me a hug, Big Sister Wentong?" Pan Yingying asked.

Jun Zishu nodded and embraced Pan Yingying.

Pan Yingying returned the hug, her arms embracing Jun Zishu's waist tightly.

"Goodnight, Big Sister Wentong. Can I still message you and invite you out for meals?"

"Mhm." Jun Zishu nodded. I don't really want to exchange messages and share meals with you, though.

When Pan Yingying arrived back in her dormitory, her expression had reverted to normal, and not even her roommate could tell that anything was wrong with her.

"How was your date? Did you enjoy yourself?" Pan Yingying's roommate asked while applying a facial mask.

"Of course I enjoyed myself. He even shopped with me for a bit after we ate. He's super nice to me," Pan Yingying said with a happy smile. Her eyes, though, carried a hint of coldness.

"Tch, stop showing off. Ahhh!!! I wonder when I can get rid of my single status as well?"

After finding out about Pan Yingying's situation from Little Fairy, Jun Zishu drove her car steadily back home, her finger rapping against the steering wheel as she thought over today's break-up.

Jun Zishu considered today's break-up somewhat of a success. Although she hadn't solved the root of the problem and Pan Yingying remained clinging onto her, it was still a success mission-wise. Now, she had one less mission target to deal with.

However, Jun Zishu could only use this flimsy excuse against Pan Yingying. The other four mission targets definitely wouldn't accept the excuse of "being friends for now and hopefully get back together in the future."

After Jun Zishu arrived back home, she removed her heels and tossed her handbag onto the sofa. Then, she massaged her slightly sore temples.

Interacting with someone who was clearly a yandere was a very tiresome task. Although Jun Zishu could ensure her personal safety, if Pan Yingying had gone through with her threat, rumors about her were bound to spread in the hospital she worked at. Meanwhile, if that happened, Partner No.1 and Partner No.4—Shi Yu and Wei Jiangen—were bound to find out about her infidelity. If three out of the five dangerous characters gathered, Jun Zishu might as well start digging her grave.

Jun Zishu sighed as she thought about the close call she had. Then, she made her way to the bathroom, removed her makeup, and enjoyed a comfortable soak in the bath.

When Jun Zishu came out of the bath, the night was still young. So, she pulled out a book from her bookshelf, laid onto the bed, and began reading it.

Currently, Jun Zishu had no desire to reply to any of the WeChat messages on her phone.

Around ten minutes after Jun Zishu started reading, her phone suddenly rang.

Jun Zishu originally thought it was one of her boyfriends or girlfriends calling, so she didn't wish to answer.

[It's the original owner's mother, Host.]

Jun Zishu hurriedly answered the call after hearing Little Fairy's reminder. Then, she set the call to speaker mode and rested her phone on the bed.

"Hello? Mom?"

"Mhm, mhm. It's me, my baby girl. It's been a few days since I called you. How have you been recently?"

Mother Jiang's voice echoed throughout the room, the older woman's voice full of concern.

"Busy as always."

"How is it coming along with you and Shi Yu? Is he also busy as always?"

"Mhm. Mom, you don't need to worry about our matters."

"You're not getting any younger, so how can I not be worried? Hah… I know you two have been dating for a year and a half now, but I still don't quite approve of you being with him. I hope that you can live a more stable life and be with someone who's always by your side," Mother Jiang complained.

Jun Zishu wholly agreed with Mother Jiang's words, so she nodded and said, "Actually, I've thought it through as well. I plan to talk to him about breaking up the next time he comes back."

"Huh? You've finally come to your senses, Wentong?!"

"After thinking about it, I feel that what you say is correct, Mom. Long-distance relationships are truly painful."

Jiang Wentong had grown up in a single-parent family, so she always listened to her mother's words. The only rebellious thing Jiang Wentong ever did was to date Shi Yu despite her mother's objections. However, dating Shi Yu had seemingly awakened her inner scumbag, and Jiang Wentong began flirting with other people less than half a year after dating Shi Yu. Moreover, she didn't even break up with Shi Yu.

Mother Jiang was not aware that her daughter was such a scumbag, either. Even now, she still thought that her daughter was dating only Shi Yu. If she knew how much of a scumbag her daughter was, she would probably explode with rage. This was because Jiang Wentong's father was a scumbag. He continued flirting with other women even after getting married, which led to his divorce with Mother Jiang.

"With your excellent conditions, you won't have to worry about not being able to find a better partner. You don't need to waste your youth on a person who's never by your side."

"I know, Mom."

"Mhm, mhm. Make sure to get enough rest as well, even if you are busy with work."


"By the way, my baby girl, do you still remember my goddaughter, Zizhou?"

"I still remember her a little. What's wrong? Hasn't it been a long time since you had contact with her?"

Jun Zishu quickly found the person named Zizhou in Jiang Wentong's memories. When Mother Jiang was young, she had a good friend she got along with. When the other party gave birth to a daughter, Mother Jiang naturally became the girl's godmother. Afterward, Mother Jiang's friend got divorced and lived together with Mother Jiang for a period. Then, after Mother Jiang's friend remarried, she left the country with her daughter and new husband.

Jiang Wentong didn't place any attention to Mother Jiang's friend and her daughter after they left. She also didn't know whether Mother Jiang had continued to keep in touch with her friend.

"How can that be? Your Aunt Sisi and I have always kept in touch. It's just that you didn't know about it. Your Aunt Sisi said that your Little Sister Zizhou is visiting your city to collect inspiration for her art. She probably has nowhere to stay, so I said that she could go to your place. It should be convenient for you to let her live there, right?" Mother Jiang asked.

After thinking it over, Jun Zishu found no problem with it. Not to mention, Jiang Wentong wasn't one to reject her mother's requests normally. So, in the spirit of maintaining her character, Jun Zishu quickly agreed to Mother Jiang's request.

"That's fine. When will she arrive? I'll have to clear out the guest room for her."

"Probably tomorrow. I haven't given her your number yet. I'll send it to her later, so she'll probably contact you soon," Mother Jiang said. She knew that her daughter meant it whenever the girl agreed to a request. Had it been an inconvenience for her, her daughter wouldn't hesitate to voice her refusal.

"Okay. Remember to enjoy yourself out there, Mom."

"Mhm, mhm. I'm hanging up."

After Mother Jiang ended the call, Jun Zishu resumed reading her book. Then, around 20 minutes later, she received a call from an unknown caller.

It was probably that godsister of hers.


"Hello, is this Big Sister Wentong speaking? I'm Yun Zizhou."

The other party's voice was clean like melted snow.

It was a rather unique voice.