Chapter 76
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"But didn't you say that you liked him?"

A bewildered look appeared on Pan Yingying's face as she didn't expect Jun Zishu's response.

"I said 'probably' liked him. I used to like you as well," Jun Zishu said with a carefree smile. The feeling of being a scumbag was quite stimulating, if Jun Zishu had to be honest.

"So, are we all like this in your eyes? Things that can be abandoned at any time?"

Pan Yingying failed to control her tears again, her eyes becoming moist.

"You don't need to put it so severely. I doubt any of us has ever expected this relationship to last forever."

"But I did! I did think of spending the rest of my life with you!"

"That's because you're still young. You haven't met enough people and accumulated enough experiences. Once you've grown older, you'll understand why I would do such a thing," Jun Zishu said, figuratively stabbing a knife into Pan Yingying's heart without hesitation.

Jun Zishu admitted that her actions were cruel. However, she felt that it was a much better option than trying to comfort and persuade every one of her mission targets to break up. If every one of her mission targets refused to break up, she would have to waste her time and energy trying to comfort and persuade them again. If she kept on repeating this cycle, not only would she be wasting her time and effort, but her actions might stimulate her mission targets and cause them to go down the crazy route. Rather than invest a bunch of time and effort into an endeavor that could potentially backfire on her, it'd be better if she acted a little more decisively.

"Jiang Wentong! Do you even have a heart?!"

"A heart? Do you want to feel it? I do have one. Moreover, it has once been on you and Wei Jiangen. However, it has returned to my body now," Jun Zishu calmly replied.

Hearing this, Pan Yingying lowered her gaze to Jun Zishu's chest, a fierce expression on her face.

"Don't act like I've betrayed you. You know as well as I do how we ended up together. Honestly, both of us have betrayed Jiangen. So, the best decision to make now is to

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